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  1. Hi everyone! Question about the affidavit of support. We have all of the documents but are wondering if we need the original copy of a birth certificate for the co-sponsor, to bring to the interview? Thanks!
  2. Hi! We actually just emailed the embassy a couple of days ago to ask about interview scheduling and they gave us a date for 2 weeks from now.
  3. We emailed the embassy a couple of days ago and they gave us a date for 2 weeks from now!
  4. Hi there -- filing from Argentina, as well. We have received our NOA2 and embassy packet and are gathering everything to schedule interview. We have it figured out that you can only schedule interview after you have turned in all of your documents to the embassy (including medical envelope post-exam). Basically... do everything, turn it all into the embassy, then they'll let you get your interview date (usually just a couple of days after). Good lucky!!
  5. Hi Mary -- congratulations!! I hope the IV went well. Just to confirm, in order to schedule the interview you must have handed in all the docs beforehand? Thanks!
  6. Hi! Sorry for the delay here... We already have everything together, just waiting on medical exam. Booking appointment has been confusing as there are no "slots" on the Argentina US Embassy website, and we cannot pay the fee until we book... but are trying to be patient. Hi, thanks so much for your help!! Great to get an Argentine's perspective here. Have you scheduled IV yet? We are confused as the Arg-US Embassy website does not show any time slots to book an interview, and we can't pay the fee until we schedule...
  7. Hi All! My fiancé and I have already received NOA2 (filing from Argentina!) and are booking his medical appointment before the embassy interview. My question is, he does not have any vaccination records from childhood, etc. His parents died/are mentally ill and did not keep any. Is this a big deal? I feel like he isn't the first Argentine to not have their vaccination records on hand... Any tips? Should we even worry, will the doctor at the appointment figure out which ones he needs regardless? Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Hi everyone! We are filing from Argentina and already have NOA2 and our NVC case number. Now what? I see on the NVC website there are 6 steps before getting the interview, including sending in lots of documents. Is this the case for Argentina? I appreciate any local advice/tips! Thanks!
  9. Hi, all! I am a US petitioner filing for my Argentine fiancé. I posted earlier about being confused about which addresses to put on the petition, as I am currently getting a Master's degree and living in Argentina, although my permanent address is in the US. I was told to put my US address for mailing, just to be safe, and otherwise put my Argentine address as current address. My question is about the other paperwork of "proof" of our relationship etc: Intent to Marry, How We Met, etc. Should I put my Argentine address or my US mailing address on that? Or the US address we will live at once we arrive to the US (which is different than mailing address)? I obviously don't want to confuse the person who deals with my paperwork at USCIS, and also don't want to seem like I am lying about where I live. Anyone have any advice or insight on this?? Thank you so much!!
  10. lenasophia

    FedEx versus UPS

    Thank you again!! Thank you!
  11. Hi, all! Does anyone know if there is a better choice between UPS or FedEx to send in the petition from abroad? We are sending from Argentina. Thanks so much in advance!!
  12. Thats very helpful, thank you so much! Thank you so much youre the best!
  13. The official doc as in the petition and declaration of intent to marry?
  14. Hi, all! My fiancé and I are planning on including our Whatsapp convos in our petition and I have a few questions. I got the archived chat sent to my email via Whatsapp which means it is in the form of a Notepad doc. I edited it so that it only includes 1) conversations in English and 2) conversations about planning vacations together, declarations of love, hanging out, etc. My questions are: 1) Is it okay that it is an edited Notepad doc? Will it be suspicious, and would it just be better to include a few manual screenshots directly from my phone/the app? 2) Is this even necessary? Our entire 9-month relationship has been in-person, we have so many pictures together from so many months, so wondering if this step is even needed for proof. Thank you so much to all!!