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  1. Thank you! So, my husband as my sponsor was unemployed when we filed the docs, he’s actually unemployed. He had a temporary job in between. I have a second sponsor who’s actually working, do I need to bring the requested letter from her employer? Thank you 😊
  2. Hi, My interview is in 10 days so I’m going through my files and I have some questions: 1 - Can I bring my baby with me (I’m breastfeeding)? 2 - My husband was born in the States, does he need a birth certificate or can we use his passport? In the request for the interview they ask for his birth cerificate 3 - I’ve already submitted the affidavit of support, but in the letter they ask for my sponsor’s letter from current employer and proof of US citizenship, Is the passport enough proof? My husband is currently unemployed, so what document should we bring? 4 - a certified copy of our marriage document, I have the original (certified) and I sent a copy with the packet, so I need to get an extra certified copy? What is the reason they ask for a certified copy for the marriage document only and not for other documents, like birth certificates? 5 - if I’m currently working, should I bring any proof of employment? 6 - do they ask for copies to keep or can they copy a document in their office if they need to keep more evidence,? thank you so much, is there any checklist that you recommend for the interview? Thank you again!!!!
  3. So, I’m on the phone waiting to speak with costumer service but first I listened to the last information about my case and it said they sent me a RFE on August 22nd, which is bizarre because is the first time I’ve gotten such information....
  4. I haven’t gotten any mail or email after I requested the expedite.... so... I’ll call right now to check on my case, but is hard because the people at costumer service don’t provide much information or help. Thank you for your reply : )
  5. Yes, due financial hardship and I also have an active job offer
  6. The 2 first photos are from the DHS USCIS site and the last one from USCIS.
  7. Hi everyone I requested an expedited For my EAD Before my biometrics appointment, So after my biometrics I made a new request on the phone. The biometrics for my AOS are approved but they aren't approved for my EAD. An Officer checked on my request on September 4th, but I haven’t gotten any mail with an answer. What should I do when I call the USCIS? Have you been through a similar situation? Thank you for your help!!!
  8. Thank You for your help!!! My husband doesn't have an income right now and the last four years he worked outside the US, he doesn't have tax returns... what should we do?
  9. Also: what dates should I put for a Advance parole? Is it necessary to apply for it?
  10. Hi everybody, I'm filling for AOS based on marriage on a VWP visa and I have some questions: 1. How long did you wait to apply after entering the country? 2. I-865 Affidavit of support: I have a sponsor, does my husband need to sign the document as well? 3. Translations: Do they need to be notarized or can someone simply sign it? 4. Do I need to send some pictures to probe marriage or are the pictures for the interview? 5. How should I prepare the folder? every form separately or all together? 6. If I'm sending forms I130, I485, I765, Do I need to attach passport pictures for every form? 7. In form I130 they ask for "current address outside the US", what should I put if I don't have one? Thank you so much!!!
  11. thank you, I only read the info on the uscis website about AOS and I didn't see anything about a possible fraud. I don't want to commit fraud or do something illegal, I just want to be out of trouble and be with my family.
  12. Hi. I've been in the US with a Waiver tourist visa for 2 weeks and I want to apply for AOS + I-130. my husband is a us citizen born in the US. Me and my husband have been married for 3.5 years, we got married outside the US and we have a 1yo kid (us citizen as well). I want to be a permanent resident and also get authorization to work. What is the best way to do it? 1. send all the files with our current documents, can my application be denied? Is it possible to succeed in this scenario? 2. get married in the US 3. What happen if I get a Job offer?