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  1. Can anyone please help me. I emailed Mumbai consulate, regarding not receiving packet 4. This is what they emailed me back. "Thank you for your inquiry. We have only received your fiancee's case electronically at our Mumbai Post. However, we are still awaiting the physical file. We will get in touch with her, once we are in receipt of the physical file." My file was delivered on December 31st 2018, tracked through DHL. Thanks
  2. Why was your K1 visa denied? If you don't mind me asking..
  3. I think the AP process is done by the consulate..
  4. I was able to schedule interview with the case number assigned.. You should not have any problem..
  5. Any updates on next shipment, Since Christmas is on Tuesday...
  6. Hello Greenbaum, 

    Would there be a problem if I filled my ds 160 with receipt number, not the case number? I just got my case number assigned today, and could you please let me know whats next step.. can I get the medical done? and Can I pay the visa fee and schedule interview? or do I have to wait.



  7. Hello Greenbaum,

    We just got approved on November 20th. Could you please send the link, whats the next step for Mumbai embassy (India). I have been a silent watcher and you have great knowledge.



    1. Greenbaum


      Here is the letter that you will receive from Mumbai Embassy. Read it over carefully and follow the instructions. Another member of VJ added some additional information contained below which outlines what he experienced. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xukUjdqnKM7yqrkqfPfl8tCao_BY2XsC/view?usp=sharing https://photos.state.gov/libraries/mumbai/1057584/senkx/BMB IV Packet 4 for Ks January 2015 Revision_001.pdf Once you received your case number from NVC,  I would recommend you fill out DS-160 form and submit. Some say the packet 3 letter is nothing just waste of time same thing they have mention which you easily get from USCIS website when you called to the clinics to book your medical appointment date they will ask you have you received your packet letter or not. Just say yes and booked the appointment date however you will receive that letter within 2 weeks the day you will get your NVC number. Go on USCIS website make your account with password and then pay your fees to Citibank or Axis bank. They will give you reference number. With that number you can book your biometric and interview appointment date. The fees are 18,500 and for medical but I recommend that you carry 20,000 with you in the event you need more. Be sure to  keep at least 7 days gap between medical and interview.

      The website address for Hyderabad is 
      https://www.migrationmedicine.com/ just in case if someone needs 

      Here is a topic in another forum where those from the Mumbai Consulate are applying with good information.

    2. Jaz&Har


      Thank you so much. 👌

    3. Greenbaum
  8. Hello June Filers, We just got approved. NOA1 june 11. NOA2 November 20. I am so happy. Thank you for all the help.