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  1. I did log in. But after hearing that everyone’s status changed the same day...I called NVC. The rep said the site was last updated on Friday so it makes sense why I don’t see a status change. He said rest assured the file is currently with the embassy and feel free to contact them directly. So I sent the recommended request and will wait for a response
  2. I'm getting concerned. Since it's electronic it for sure should go immediately...
  3. That seems to be the norm. I wonder what's taking my status so long to update. I suppose if it doesn't update by the end of the week...I should call NVC.
  4. I’m definitely gonna give it a try! All they can say is no and I continue my wait. Thanks so much!
  5. You are awesome! Thanks so much! I know I can’t contact the embassy until they have our file. I’m hoping our CEAC status changes soon and then I’ll try sending the request. Thanks so much
  6. Thanks for responding. Sounds like keeping the existing appointment is my only choice as I don’t have a legitimate reason to expedite. How long did it take the CEAC website to say ‘in transit’ once you received your interview date?
  7. Okay. Got it. I wasn’t aware. Thanks so much. Congratulations!!🎊🍾🎈
  8. Thanks for your response and the congratulations! No, no urgency but I see people canceling or pushing out their interview dates so just wondering if earlier times are available due to cancellations...would the embassy allow us to fill a canceled spot.
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