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  1. Hi umka36, but if I want to use my husband's name, can we still change it, even if the form I-130 filed is in my maiden name? Will that cause any delay on the process? I am also planning to change my passport to my married name. As of now, some of my id's are in my married name. we wanted all of the future documents that will be sent to us is in my married name.
  2. Hi everyone, My husband filed I-130 last December And had put my maiden name on the form, we just got married last april2017 so all my id's and passport are still in my maiden name. Will that be a problem? i have read one of the thread saying that the form should be in married name already since there's marriage cert that will prove it, even if your passport is still in the maiden name. what is the best thing to do, please help.