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  1. Can I use my assets? I have bonds around $100k, will a co sponsor still be needed? My husbands income is 24k (we are 2 people) , he does have a house but it's in his mothers name.
  2. Yes I know that, she is an LPR and the houses are in the US Do we also need her to write some kind of a letter?
  3. It's Sweden, and every house is worth more that 1 million no loans, that's way more than 5X
  4. So nowhere it says that you can't use houses, you clearly said "Some Embassies do not accept assets" where did you get this information? If his mother has 5 houses, I doubt it if anyone will say that this is unacceptable.
  5. Since my husbands income is just a little over the poverty line , we want to add his mom as a co sponsor She is still married to his dad, they file taxes jointly but they don't live together, they are separated for years now. We want to use the value of her properties that are in her name only. My question is, does his father still needs to sign as well?
  6. The question is should I upload more things to CEAC or just bring them with me, because I heard the don't even look at stuff you bring. I don't want them to make up their minds about me even before talking to me. (if it's a negative opinion)
  7. The question is do they prepare for the interview and read everything before we arrive or they just look at it when we are there...? I kinda find it hard to believe that they sit for hours and read everything..
  8. Yeah well I hope the officer agrees as well lol or doesn't read it
  9. You have a lot of proof, we don't have all that unfortunately, we don't even use facebook, I think I have an old account that has 10 friends that I haven't seen or talked to in 15 years
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