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  1. I am very nervous about my interview and feel like I don't have enough relationship evidence, I don't come from a high fraud country but I am still worried. (I literally dream at night about them denying me) We don't have photos with family and friends, that worries me the most (honestly we don't really have a lot of close friends or friends in general, hard core introverts) so we only sent photos of us. and as for family he only has his mom, hasn't spoken with his dad in 15 years and I haven't met him. My husband suggested that his mom writes a letter but she doesn't know english very well, she lived in the US for 50 years but her english is still not good at all. Can my husband write the letter and let her sign? are there samples of such letter somewhere?
  2. Only the front, the back is blank but I guess I should send them a blank page...so stupid.
  3. Uploaded my birth certificate to NVC and it was rejected and this is the message they wrote "Part of this document is missing in the scan", I don't understand what they want, there is nothing missing!
  4. We have submitted all docs to NVC via ceac two weeks ago, it took them about a week to approve everything but my birth certificate that was uploaded not right side up, we re-uploaded it the moment we got the email about it, it has been already 9 days and nobody checked it, it still has the submitted status, should I be worried??
  5. Can I use my assets? I have bonds around $100k, will a co sponsor still be needed? My husbands income is 24k (we are 2 people) , he does have a house but it's in his mothers name.
  6. Yes I know that, she is an LPR and the houses are in the US Do we also need her to write some kind of a letter?
  7. It's Sweden, and every house is worth more that 1 million no loans, that's way more than 5X
  8. So nowhere it says that you can't use houses, you clearly said "Some Embassies do not accept assets" where did you get this information? If his mother has 5 houses, I doubt it if anyone will say that this is unacceptable.
  9. Since my husbands income is just a little over the poverty line , we want to add his mom as a co sponsor She is still married to his dad, they file taxes jointly but they don't live together, they are separated for years now. We want to use the value of her properties that are in her name only. My question is, does his father still needs to sign as well?
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