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  1. Because I would still need to apply for a Canadian visa and provide detailed information for my "stay"
  2. UPDATE: The only solution is to apply for humanitarian parole with request for expedition from the congressman. That is the direction we are headed in now.
  3. Thank you so much!! The nearest USCIS office to me is in Rome Italy, I contacted them and they mentioned they have CBP officers in the Immigration Advisory Program at their airport so that will probably be my last resort to just show up. For now, my husband contacted our congressman and hopefully they will have a solution for us by tomorrow, they are speaking to their USCIS liason in DC. Will keep you all posted.
  4. Thanks unfortunately I already tried dealing with the embassy and had no luck since I'm not a green card holder yet. I think some people just have better luck or if I were traveling with my husband it would've been easier.
  5. Yes the USCIS indirectly advised that I just try my luck with getting on a flight and that it should be sufficient once I reach Customs and Border Patrol in the US but getting on the flight has been the issue.
  6. I already tried dealing with the airlines and they would not take the risk of boarding me with just my copy. They all kept telling me to talk to the embassy so it's just a vicious cycle at this point
  7. I'm married to a USC and we filed for AOS in August 2017 and are still waiting for the interview to be scheduled. I was approved for EAD/Travel in November and had to travel earlier this year to visit family for an emergency and ended up staying for a few months. Long story short, the day of my flight I realized I didn't have my combo card (advance parole) and was unable to board the flight. The US Embassy said they could not issue a transportation letter since I am not a Lawful Permanent Resident and the USCIS field office told my husband they could not issue an emergency parole document without me being present. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please advise, as AOS is kind of a grey area the embassy won't touch the case. I have a picture of the card and my approval notices for travel and employment but they seem to be of no use. PLEASE HELP.