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  1. C32

    Long or short form BC (split)

    I did the certified copy and it was accepted in my interview.
  2. It won’t affect their petition. All the US government will care about is evidence that their relationship is bonafide and evidence that he can financially support his fiancée (and/or has a cosponsor who will assist with finances).
  3. I hope you hear good news soon. That’s a really long time to wait. Mine also says “no status” on nonimmigrant, but I don’t know what that actually means. Will it change right before visa is issued? That’s very encouraging to hear - thank you!
  4. Still in AP. And going a little crazy. My case was updated two days in a row last week and I got excited that this was a good sign. There’s been nothing this week. I just want to move and marry my love
  5. Yup, you’ll have to go to Montreal for your interview. The interview takes place after you've received your NOA2. You’ll be asked to gather documents and scan them (such as passport, birth certificate, etc...) before you’ll be permitted to schedule your medical exam and interview. It’s after your interview, if you’re approved, you’ll be sent your visa. You should expect the whole process to take roughly a year, give or take. They walk you through the whole process. They’ll contact you when it’s time to apply for the visa and other steps
  6. That’s normal. Have patience - the end is in sight. You’ll get it back as soon as they’re done with admin processing
  7. They don’t care about the beneficiary having a job - they ask those questions as a means of checking history/understanding who s/he is. As for the petitioner, they’ll want to see an affidavit of support, and it will help if you have a job as they’ll want to see a letter from your employer verifying your income. But if you have a cosponsor, they will likely be less concerned about you being between jobs. What really matters to them is knowing that the beneficiary won’t end up on welfare due to lack of support.
  8. Hi - same boat. I was approved on Nov 21, and put in AP two days later. Supposedly most AP cases are processed within 60 days. Might be less for you if you weren’t asked supplemental questions like i was under DS-5535.
  9. *hug* you're not alone. I was approved on Nov 21 and was placed in AP two days later pending the processing of form DS-5535. Its hard. I don’t even know what sort of timeline to expect for myself. I could be waiting well over a year Hopefully we’ll both get a happy holiday surprise and be granted our visas quickly.
  10. I got sent this email right after I had my interview (and got approved) a couple of weeks ago. Do you have any any updates you can share?
  11. I had my K1 visa interview in Canada this past Wednesday and was approved. I was sent an email on Friday asking me to send back the form. I’d never even heard of this form before, I felt so blindsided hoping it moves fast for everyone!
  12. C32


    Has anyone received a request to fill out form DS-5535 after their interview in Montreal? How long was processing for you?
  13. C32

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    I don’t think there’s any way to know, unfortunately. At least, by telling them you’ll be picking up (or hiring a courier?) you can get a little control over the situation and know you won’t be stuck waiting for a month or more.