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  1. Passport with me, i've traveled and got another visa in this year. so sad!
  2. yea I contact the embassy each 5 months, and got a reply that my case is still in progress. on CEAC, nothing has been changed since the last update:/
  3. Same for me, tourist B1/B since April 2018, and had many others visas before!
  4. Hello,


    I have a similar case, applied for a visa from 4 April 2018 and still in the Ap for a B1/B2. What about ur case?

    1. lebanon1989


      applied for a B1/B2 visa from 5 Feb 2019 and still AP without any update since the interview. 

  5. Hello, I am already in the AP and submit the DS -5535 since April 2018. I already traveled in October to Europe, do I have to updates my DS form and send it or inform the embassy about it?
  6. Congratulations , what was your visa type? and what did they ask you for the medical exams? (blood test only?)
  7. Hello Joe, You can follow up with them after 1 week, you can call the call center of the embassy to ask for an update. But usually they take time to reply and check the cases.
  8. Hey Guys, I've submitted my interview on 4 April for a training purpose on 16 June. They told me to send an email to the embassy and request the DS 5535 form so I did and send it back on 10 April. I didn't hear back from the embassy, so I sent an email on 7 May for and update and they replied that the process may take 60 days or less and maybe more. The question is that the training starts on 16 June and really don't need to miss it. Do I email the embassy one more time or wait for their call or email? Thanks all and appreciate your help.
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