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    T_and_A reacted to Oksana & Max in A job in the US without a college degree   
    Let's put it this way. You can find a job in the US without a degree, on another hand having a good paying degree job without a degree is challenging. I've been in this position before I got my degree. I also speak 4 languages fluently, but degree did it all. I found a first good paying job after I got my bachelors, after completing my master's I got a raise for having a Master's degree, currently I am half way done with my PhD and terminal degree in the US are big boost. I am not saying that you should go thru all the levels I did, but you should consider getting at least bachelor's if you are looking for a good paying job.
    Sorry if I offended you and I don't undermine you skills and knowledge, but degree, will give you a better chance.
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    T_and_A got a reaction from VanessaTony in Removing the conditions for Temporary Resident Visa   
    That is not true. You only get a one year extension if you file removal of conditions within 90 days before your 2-yr greencard expires and it was received by USCIS and you get the NOA1.
    I would say, divorce him right away, then file removal of conditions with a waiver, not joint with him, within 90 days prior to GC expiration. If your divorce isn't final yet, you will get an RFE for the divorce decree and that will give you time to get one thing done, which is finalize the divorce and move away from him as much as possible. Doing it jointly, with your ex's help is fraud. You can do it on your own without an attorney, alot of helpful guides here in VJ and VJ users, just have to do your reading and research then will save you alot.
    If you are currently petitioning or co-signed to bring some of his family here(maybe more information on this? Is he a filipino naturalized US citizen? Who is he petitioning? What relation to him? parent, siblings? As far as I know LPR, cannot petition for family members except immediate relative, like husband/wife or children under certain age.) If their paperwork is processing, the best you could do is inform them that you will be divorcing and that you would like to withdraw the AOS petition, but not sure if you will be out of the binding contract with them once the family gets approved.
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    T_and_A got a reaction from Ricky+Vanessa in Job Opening in our company   
    I thought i could share some of the job openings in our company right now... I work in IT department for clinical research company.
    I know it has been tough out there looking for jobs. Hoping there might be a good match here in VJ, I could somehow extend help to.
    Maybe people here who has jobs will follow the lead of posting some of the job oppurtunities within their respective companies, then we can all help our fellow VJ'ers.
    I can refer you to HR. You may PM me if you think you can do the job.
    Job Opportunities
    IT Sr. Developer
    Posted on 04-Nov-2010
    This post is for the Philadelphia/North Wales (PA) office.
    Role & Responsibility:
    The selected candidate will be responsible for the design, code and test of web based, enterprise applications.
    Additional responsibilities will include:
    Recognise, exemplify and adhere to ICON's values which centre around our commitment to People, Clients and Performance
    Design, code and test of application features and fixes, including the production of required documentation
    Development and unit test enterprise .NET applications
    Produce regular working releases of the system
    Produce fixes and patch releases for deployed systems
    Ability and willingness to travel, including international and domestic: fly and drive
    Carry out other reasonably related duties as may be assigned from time to time, including assignments as a member of the global IT development team
    May be required to participate in assignments at customer sites
    Experience & Qualifications:
    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
    Bachelor’s degree in an MIS related field with a minimum of five years of application development experience
    Experience with the following technologies: C#, .Net 2.0, SQL, Java Script, AJAX
    Has worked on projects using Continual Integration and Incremental Development
    Has worked on Enterprise Web based Applications
    Must be a team player who can work as a member of a multifunctional Agile team.
    Experience with Visual Studio Team System, .Net 3.0 / WCF, Oracle, MS SQL and Open Source Frameworks
    Must have experience with unit testing utilizing nUnit or similar
    Build scripting with nANT or Team Foundation Build experience required
    Excellent communication and problem solving skills required
    Have excellent customer facing skills and an ability to clearly communicate and collaborate with our customer’s technical and project staff
    Due to the nature of this position it may be required for the employee to travel. Therefore, dependent on the employee’s location, the employee may be required to possess a valid Drivers license.
    Job Opportunities
    IT Support Analyst II
    Posted on 02-Nov-2010
    This post is for the Baltimore/Ellicott City (MD) office.
    Role & Responsibility
    You will assist the IT staff in performing their job duties. In addition, the IT Support Systems Technician II will assist Clinical Research Subjects, sponsors, and vendors in IT related matters, in the Ellicott City, MD location.
    Additional responsibilities include:
    Sets up, configures, supports internal and external networks, voice and messaging systems, and audiovisual equipment.
    Develops and maintains systems, applications, security, network configurations, voice and messaging systems, and audiovisual equipment.
    Troubleshoots network performance issues, voice and messaging systems, and audiovisual equipment.
    Assist in developing and maintains IT related documentation.
    Maintains disaster recovery plan.
    Recommends upgrades, patches, new applications, equipment.
    Provides technical support and guidance to users.
    All other assigned duties from IT management.
    May lead or direct the work of others.
    Experience & Qualification
    A minimum of a Associates degree in Information Systems or related field or equivalent experience.
    Requires 7-8 years of experience in field or related area
    Knowledgeable of Standard of IT concepts, practices, and procedures.
    Any Microsoft Certification or equivalent experience
    COMPTIA Certification (A+, Net+, Internet+, or Security+) or equivalent experience.
    Knowledge of Disaster Recovery concepts and procedures.
    Knowledge of IT security concepts and procedures.
    Knowledge of telephony services.
    Experience supervising projects.
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