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  1. We arrived In the US today. Dallas (DFW) was our POE. We went to the area for K1 visas. The first CBP officer took our packet, then took a photo of my fiancé and scanned her fingerprints. My daughter and I (already US Citizens) had to get our passports scanned before we went to the K1 visa area. The total time with the first CBP officer took about 5 minutes. Next he escorted us to the Secondary. We sat in a waiting room with about 20 other people and waited about 30-40 minutes before my fiancé's name was called. The CBP officer in Secondary gave her passport to her and told her to have a nice day. No questions were asked. I also checked the I-94 website when we got to our hotel and her K1 visa arrival is in the system. It was a GREAT today except for the rain and traveling with 6 LARGE suitcases and 3 carry ons and 2 additional back packs and one very energetic and hyper 3 year old, lol.
  2. Jay Jones

    CFO GCP in Clark- Walk-ins?

    My fiancé just got finished with the CFO here at Clark. She said only 9 girls (not including her) was there so I would assume they might have taken 2 walk-ins. If I remember correctly there are 12 slots at Clark. She also said the one on one interview with one of the girls took about 40 minutes and the girl started crying and had to leave so I guess they would not allow her to complete the CFO
  3. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Ok. If I remember correctly that delivery method box was blank for a couple of days then it changed to your documents is being prepared for delivery or something to that effect.
  4. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    When you go to the ustraveldocs page and sign in, what does it say in the box in the lower right hand corner? The delivery method box. Is it still blank?
  5. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Did you try to email the ustraveldocs email and put your passport number in the subject line? passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com
  6. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Same to you!
  7. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    No exact wedding date as of yet but it will be within the first month of our arrival. We are going to do a Justice of the Peace then for our 1 year anniversary, we will renew our vows in a church with family and friends present
  8. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    We in the same boat. Our CFO is on 3 Apr and our flight 5 Apr
  9. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    . Aftership did not do anything for me. It said "in transit" the entire time and we have our visa and it still says the same. This is what I did. I was not able to track our visa on the 2go website using her passport number, UID number, MNL number, etc so I called the main 2go customer service number at 02-77-99-222. I don't know if you are in the Philippines. You can dial that number from a Philippine cellphone. I explained my situation to 2go. They looked up my fiancé from the information they asked for such as passport number, full name, etc. They was able to give me a "tracking number". I was able to track our visa on the 2go website using that "tracking number". My experience with 2go has been TERRIBLE. We had issues with them when my fiancé was approved for her 2 tourist visas in the past. I had to go and show my azz and be the rude American. I plan to email the US Embassy somehow and explain my issues with the Dau Branch here in Angeles City. I don't know what that will do but I will try.
  10. Feel free to vent. I believe these forums are great for venting.
  11. But thats B visas only, right? We understand that B (tourist) visas are very difficult
  12. Jay Jones

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Visa In Hand FINALLY!!!!!! I was about to cause an International Incident dealing with the 2go in Dau lol
  13. Visa In Hand FINALLY!!!!!! I was about to cause an International Incident dealing with the 2go in Dau lol
  14. In the past I've used Asiana because it flies out of Clark Air Base. I live about 15 minutes from there. In this case my daughter is on my plan so I had enough Skypass Miles for me and my daughter but I had to pay for a 1 way ticket for my fiancé. One way for all of us from Manila to DFW cost me about $1,200.