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  1. My wife called our local SS office and the lady said they want to see a employer job offer letter before doing anything else.
  2. Cr1/Ir1 applicants make an appointment or wait to be emailed from embassy?
  3. From applying back in august 2018 under Slowbraskas back log to this temporary ban. The waiting continues!
  4. Hello everyone! Whats the next step after being approved for expedite? It shows that my visa is currently at Manila.
  5. Email nvcexpedite@state.gov with your case number, name/DOB and your applicant's name/ DOB in the body. The subject line would be your case number too. Put your reasoning for an expedite.
  6. If your parents filed taxes together. One of your parent has to do the i864a. The i864a was the correct form since my 1st submission. If you're in the same boat as me, I'd try expediting as well.
  7. NVC Expedite request approved! Requested on March 4 and approved as of today. Thank you everyone!
  8. Bump on this. I'm also trying to upload additional documents, hopefully it works by Monday.
  9. I got a mail from NVC that they're reviewing my request for expedited processing. I'm trying to add 2019 Transcripts and W2s under additional documents but it's not allowing me to. Am I not able to add after submission?
  10. Another rfe for us because they're re-requesting for i864a for my dad. My 1st submission, I uploaded i864a for him while me and my mom did I864 form. We got a message from ceac on december 17, 2019 that he wasn't qualified for i964a form and he needed to do I864 form. At that point I was confused and did what they wanted us to do which was to do I864 form. Today after 9 weeks, we got message saying he was now qualified to do I864a form and needed to be submitted. Yes, my parents filed taxes together. This petition is for my wife. Does anyone know if I can get an expidite request for this? Should I order 2019 IRS taxes before submitting the i864a form? Thanks in advance.
  11. My parents are also my joint sponsors but my dads form (household member) got denied and they're asking for an I864 form from him as well which i resubmitted on christmas last year. Hopefully they accept us.
  12. Anyone know if I need to get a brand new police clearance if it's been past 6 months? I submitted one in CEAC and itll be past 6 months after april.
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