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  1. Hi there.. jus quick question regarding visit spouse abroad while waiting to pettition process.. does need any sponsership to apply for tourist to vist spouse abroad. If yes is there document requires to sponser what kind??
  2. Just quick question. If i apply for k1 visa even though we had done religious marriage but not registered in court yet.. is it okay to apply for k1 visa or its called fraud? Just wanted suggestion.
  3. Hi there.. to file I129f fiance or 130 spouse visa.. need to provide proof of citizenship aquired. I got citizenship thru naturalizations.. but i lost my naturalizations certificate.. i also see in document needed that.. u can submit either birth certificate, naturalizations or copy of American passport.. i am jus confused if that sending passport copy of citizenship proof is only for people who born in USA or i can also submit the american passport copy as citizenship proof.. please help. To get new naturalizations certificate its going to cost $535. If i can avoid paying that money for certificate.. its okay to submit passport copy?
  4. No she got refused her vistor visa.. so we should attach divorce decree thanx guys.. this all i want to know.
  5. I know it metion in instruction.. but she was scared if immigration going to called this fraud.. because on her vistor visa her agent mention her satus single.. or is that no problem. Thats all i wanted to know.. if No matter what status they put on vistor visa.. we still have to attach divorce decree?
  6. Hi there.. i am going to file fiance visa for my fiance.. and i have 1 question.. she is previously divorced.. but she applied for visitors visa to USA 1 time after her divorced. And agent who makes paper for her put her status as single instead of divorce.. so now we are confused if we should attached divorced papers with our fiance petition or not.. or should we leave status as single. Please help.
  7. Hi i am USA citizen and i wanted to get engaged with a girl from india.. i met her on Matrimonial’s site.. and i already met her once.. we decided to get engaged in india and then court marriage when get here. My question is that engagement processes is it had to be big gatherings in hall or simple ring exchange in house will be sufficient.. my immediate family and her immediate family only for ring exhange??? I
  8. Yeah.. actually i am USA citizen and my would be fiance is from india.. so india brother out there can help me out with my concern.. if needed to have grand function or simple engagement ok with immediate family only.. i did have met her in person once already and would be meeting 2nd time for the engagement will be enough proof for genoiun relationship???!
  9. Hlo evey1. I have one concern that. I am divorced and i met a girl on Matrimonial’s site and we both decideded to get together.. we like to file as fiance visa 4 dat .. do we need to do grand function or engagement at home will be sufficient for immigration purpose. Nor we want too much gathring.. only my family and her immediate family.. will be enough to prove geniuon relationship??
  10. We are indians and our wedding will placed in india..Wedding is going to be absolutly legal.. and we both have previously divorced. so jus wondring of requirement in embassy.. if court marriage only will be sufficient or we have to get done traditional marriage.. we both not in really favor of traditional marriage.. so if legal court marriage would be sufficient enough.
  11. Hi.. is someone can help on this.. just wondring.. if we going to marry someone abroad.. do we need to show the proof of traditional marriage to the immigration or just court marriage is sufficiant.. since this will be my second marriage.. i already had divorced once.
  12. Hi there.. anybody can help me with dilema on filing spouse visa.. My would be wife is indian born.. but she is ireland citizenship... so my question is that... sould i married her in india and apply from india or i have to marry her in ireland and apply from there.
  13. So basicly I forgot about K3 visa and just go for IR1/CR1 visa right.
  14. Hi anybody can help me choosing a right path for my Spouse.. i live in USA and my spouse in india... i want to apply for her what i reading forum here.. there showing 2 different spouse visa and i am confused which one is the right 1.
  15. Gurdip bassi


    U know if spouse or fiance can come visit abroad while waiting for their petition to approve.
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