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  1. Hi there does anybody experience, application website giving error while still filling the page section fully. I was entering my wife address history, she has 7 different address so i had to enter all of them. After enter all those and rest of information. And i hit save button, and it wont let me save Its keep giving red lines error saying address line 1 is invalid. I try 10 to 15 times i couldnt able to pass that section. If anybody have idea what is wrong please help me. Even my wife went to cafe in abroad and tried alot of time. Same thing happened with her. I really need help on this to process my ds260 ahead i been trying this from last 2 days. thank you
  2. Okay. But my question is if they do make inquiries from my village regarding the marriage and all.. can we made an affidavit from village mayor regarding the reason not lives inlaws house.. or it will be fine doesnt matter where she live.
  3. Hi there.. i file cr1 Visa application for my wife. This is my second marriage and my wife lives in there parents house after our marriage, because my whole family are here in abroad and our house is on rent in the village back home. So that why I asked her to live with her parents until she get abroad. So my question is regarding inquiries before the interview, will it be issue in Inquiries that wh she not living in her in laws house after marriage or is there way we can submit any kind affidavit signed from villages main person saying the reason she does not living in village because no family member lives there. Suggest any ideas please. Thank you.
  4. Hi there.. jus quick question regarding visit spouse abroad while waiting to pettition process.. does need any sponsership to apply for tourist to vist spouse abroad. If yes is there document requires to sponser what kind??
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