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  1. Hello, Currently me and my wife have our case at the National Visa Center. As with every application, We need to get police certificates from every country she has lived ( Greece , USA, and UK). Unfortunately, the process to get the penal certificate for judicial use from Greece is EXTREMELY complicated. She tried to get it from Greece ( to send to the US Embassy in Athens) but was told she had to apply through an Embassy. I called the Greek Embassy in the US and they told me it had to be done through Greece ( but also said it was able to be done online) I am confused and unsure how to proceed being that our NVC application cannot proceed without this important document , but we cannot seem to be able to get our hands on it. I called the NVC three times and got two different answers; 1. You dont need the document until the interview, the US gov knows about the circumstances in Greece, 2. You need a receipt saying that you applied for the penal record to be sent to the US Embassy in order to apply. Being that my wife currently resides in London and not Athens it makes things much more complicated. Looking for some help from anyone who has been through this before. Thanks
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