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  1. Hello, I filed an I-130 with my wife in late November 2018, and have not heard anything back yet ( which I know isn't unusual) I recently made a congressional inquiry at my local Congresswoman's office. They have not heard anything back yet and are still awaiting the results. I wanted to know if anyone else on here has experience with Congressional Inquiries as it pertains to the I-130 petition. I am not sure if it was the right choice and if it will even accomplish anything, but I felt that it was better than taking no action, though I certainly hope it helps ( and does not hurt) . Some information; 1.Filed an I-130 petition in November 2018, 2. NOA1 date is 11/28/2017 3. Handled by the Nebraska Service Center 4. Not able to access case on App or old website 5. Am amble to access case on new website where it is marked as "Received" 6. Filed Congressional Inquiry exactly Two weeks and One day ago with my Congresswoman's Office
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