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  1. It is two months now, they just send me a letter saying they will reuse my fingerprints for my renewal EAD. I wonder when they will close my case? I called them and the agent said I should withdraw my case or wait they close my case. But she said, if I waited they to close my case, I won’t have a good reference. I don’t know what I should do.
  2. Hello, I applied ead renewal in May and I got my gc in August. But my Ead is still processing. Anyone had situations like this before? What should I do? Withdraw my ead? Or just wait them to close ? Thanks!
  3. Today my interview I got approved but my status didn’t change at all. When will it change ?
  4. Hello, I just had my interview this afternoon in fort Myers Florida. My my timeline is PD, May 25, 2018 Interview is , July 29,2019 We went to the uscis office and waited almost 2 hours for our turn. I was nervous and went to bathroom many times. On the last time I was in the bathroom, we were called. We we went into the office room , our IO was very very nice us. I saw a big pile of my documents in front of her desk and apparently she already knew a lot about us. We didn’t even take a oath. She asked my ID and my husband ID. She didn’t ask any questions but only yes or no questions on I-485. Then she only asked me for my rent lease. I prepared so many stuffs, she didn’t want anything. Then she gave me two letters and telling me when to apply for ROC and citizenship. Our interview lasts about 15 minutes. That is it. I didn’t even realize it and we were out of her office and we were approved on the spot. It is amazing. Later my husband told me , when I was in the bathroom, the officer told him that we were good and she would approve us and it was a formality to do the interview. So basically she just asked the questions on the I-485, my name and my DOB, where I was born. That’s it. I can’t believe how easy it is. I am so glad and happy that we just get approved right away and I was so worried before. Good luck to everyone!!! It has been a long journey and I am glad I did everything myself without a lawyer and I made it !!!
  5. I am having my interview tomorrow and getting very nervous. Can anyone tell me what questions IO asked in your green card interview? Thanks !
  6. Hello, I am having interview tomorrow and getting very nervous now! I have an joint account with my husband , but I am using the account, not my husband, I hope it is not a problem. Anyone can tell me, questions they ask you during the interview? Thanks !
  7. I can print out the transactions of the credit card, but somehow it doesn’t have my name on it. Maybe it is not a joint credit card account, my card is the second card of the credit card.
  8. But on the bank statement, there is no my name. I don’t know why.
  9. Hello, I have my interview soon. I have a question, how to show joint credit card account? Can I just show them our credit cards? It has the same number ? Thanks.
  10. Because lately, USCIS wants to make the process faster , they move cases to nearby offices
  11. Glad that you got your GC approved! You said the tax return, is that 2019 or 2018? Because I already summit 2018 tax return and I-864 with my I-485 application, do you need to bring 2018 tax return again? I have a interview the end of July, I am preparing materials, thanks !
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