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  1. I have seen some posts from users getting notifications of "Name was updated" or "Birth date was updated". Does this means that USCIS is working on your case and that an RFE or Approval is coming soon? I found these two posts online. https://redbus2us.com/qa/50433/h1b-case-updated-and-it-says-my-name-was-updated https://www.trackitt.com/usa-discussion-forums/i140/1565831633/-name-was-updated-message-on-myuscis-case-status
  2. As for the employers what I did is that when I got my 2 year green card I went to the SSN office so they could remove the conditions on it, it was pretty easy, after that I only use my DL which expires in 2024 and my "clean" SSN. The expiration of the DL depends on your state.
  3. @starsky A member from Sept 17 got his case transferred to Nebraska in November and their GC just got recently approved.
  4. Congratulations on the approval! When did they send your case to Nebraska?
  5. You can also email or call USCIS so they can send a replacement of your extension letter, I have read of some people doing that when their letters got lost in the mail. I guess with the extension and your passport stamped should be enough, you can confirm this with the representative when they stamp your passport.
  6. Hi April ' 18 filer here, do you guys have a spreadsheet table to record your month's approvals? Congratulation on everyone getting approved
  7. @starsky April filer here... Thank you for keeping your tracker so neat! It is very helpful for other months filers like me.
  8. Nothing just my 12 and 18 months extension.
  9. Hi, I just started a new position with my I-751 pending and they only asked for my DL which expires in 2020 and my SSN, I have no restrictions on it. I hope this helps.
  10. I couldn't agree more with you. I was already checking on the documents we need but when checking filers from other months (ex. May - October 2017) I see that the ones that applied for N-400 are taking longer to receive their GC/Naturalization Interview. I will just wait until we get the 10 YR GC and then apply, I think we should hear something before this year ends. 🧚‍♀️
  11. I am actually an April 2018 filer and we have decided to wait I also see other threads to read experiences and I noticed that they normally wait longer if they combine the process, specially if there is a long wait time for N-400 in your office.
  12. Thank you for the advice @MHZ and congratulations on becoming a USC! Its been a few months since we all filed and we are still have a few more months to come. Has anyone received any notifications? RFE, Case Transferred, Biometrics, etc? I have 12 & 18 Ext Letters but never received the bio metrics, just making sure everyone is on the same boat and I am not missing anything. Do you guys have a guess on when were they will look at our files? I see that they are working on October 2017 so my guess is September 2019. Sent: April 27 2018 - Friday Received: April 30 2018 - Monday Center: CSC Case: WAC18188 Filed: Jointly
  13. My mom's I-130 was processed by her sister (USC) so thats why it takes so long. Hopefully I can still do my mom's paperwork when I become a USC