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  1. Your i-130 approval doesn't mean you can live without any status. i-130 approval is just petition approval. If your i-130 is approved and still waiting for Interview Letter/GC, you would need to maintain status independently regardless untill your GC is received.
  2. I already crossed 2 years mark. Case inquiries does not help either. Not sure if we can file a mandamus if it takes forever.
  3. Are you still waiting for your case to be adjudicated? How many Oct-2016 filer are still waiting?
  4. Montu.developer

    PD 2016 Filers (F2A)

    I am waiting for my wife's IL and her PD is 23-Nov. From my observation in last few months, USCIS does not send interview letters until 1st or 2nd week of each months. I believe people receive IL just after Visa Bulletin is published. I could be wrong but this is my observation. I would suggest to wait until Jan-15 and see if you all receive IL.
  5. I have the same scenario. My case was transferred and has jurisdiction since March 2018. I need to get infopass appointment as well.
  6. DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS is basically for GC holders who wants to apply for their spouses or other relatives. For Citizen, priority date is always current meaning, they can file i-130, i-485, i-864 and i-765 al togather. On the other hand, GC holder can only file i-130 initially untill their DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS becomes current. Once it becomes current, they and their spouses or relatives are elibile to file i-485, i-864 and i-765. Final Action Dates for Facmily Sponsered Preference Cases are current date that NVC is scheduling Interview. Meaning that date is the expected date for green card interview. Hope this helps.
  7. This is correct. However I doubt that interview letters are given out a month prior to you PD becoming current. I noticed in last 2 months, trend is being changed now. Interview letter are usually sent around VB published date. Meaning they start sending interview letters around 10th of every month. My wife PD is 23-Nov-2016. VB priority date is 08-Nov-2016. We did not receive an interview letter yet. Some early november PD received their interview letters after Jan VB was published. Again I can be wrong but this was my observation.
  8. 21 Dec 2016 filer here. No update from USCIS. Last time they asked for 30 days to request and review file. Their 30 days ends in Dec 2018 end. Waiting to see what they have to say.
  9. Montu.developer

    PD 2016 Filers (F2A)

    On what basis are you guessing that there won't be any movement? If you can share source would be great!
  10. What is your timeline praizee?
  11. Montu.developer

    PD 2016 Filers (F2A)

    Hi, I am sorry I did not have much knowledge before I asked a question. Actually PD is only for i-130. I meant my wife sent i-485 on March-30th. I think the most matters is your PD and either it is approved or not. So ignore i-485 question.
  12. Hi, Did you get any update? My wife is same PD 21-Nov-2016 and we got approval for i-130 on Oct-30-2018. But interview is not scheduled yet. I was wondering if your interview is scheduled or not. Thansk, Montu
  13. Montu.developer

    PD 2016 Filers (F2A)

    Nov 21 2016 was PD for i-130 or i-485? What is your receipt date for i-130 and i-485? My wife is the same date for i-130 and her i-485 date is March-30-2018
  14. Earlier hey told me the same about security check is pending. But last time they did not say anything. I still need to confirm with them if security check is completed or not.
  15. Yes I spoke to tier 2 person. He created a case for me and that is where I get a response from Uscis in mail that they are aware about delay and can't give any timeline for adjudication.