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  1. I just read about the IRS. And u were right. Thanks for info. I havent heard of them... hope i wont hear about it at Cbp? I fly sunday.
  2. Thank you for all tips! So they processed ur visa at the window? You and others are absolutely right that the esta was denied for reason since i was spending there time to get to know my partner better. never said it was not (thought it was not needed to have such bad treaťment and they could write somewhere how much time is esta approved so i could stick to some rules). My concern is different. Im freaking about facing cbp again without knowing what to expect now and that i will be tortuted And no, i was not working. Any of us have financial dificulties or other reasons that i would need to work without permit. I kept myself bussy in other ways (yes legal hobbies) is IRS after people travelling back and forward for some period a thing? 😮 Maybe they were bussy with bigger cases with own citizens or many more who travels back and forward (and some for years) or there was not just anything interesting about me.. or they still will.
  3. you know, i think you might be right. They traumatized me I keep you updated here and hope it stays open forum here
  4. Thank youuu for supporting me. i hope really hope
  5. They must love their job. I will be hoping for neeext. And we have luckily now all electronics. No more sealed envelope
  6. Thanks to everyone to imput of opinion. I hope it goes fast with least interogations by nice and caring cbp.
  7. I hope so. Well the interview was extremely uncomfortable. I arrived 9pm and till 5am they were telling just wait a while for interview... turned out to be hours waiting and at 5am i fell asleep and they suddenly woken me up exhousted. No food. No watwe. No good wine lol. I felt like in some camp bc next to me were sleeping so many unknown people. (And mostly from europe they sent back. The other country residency were mostly let in) however at the interview they asked questions about my wife and our relatiinship. How we met and details. I dont remember what exactly i said out of exhaustion. So i applied for FOIA and did not receive full interview text. Just summary saying i spent 8 of 12 momths in USA (not overstaying- just travelling back and forward). And i have girlfriend. Thought i said fiance... and so on... i just hate to be under 100 questions again when our finally living together matters on it.
  8. Hello i know here is discussion for port of entry but i still feel its not enough to asure me for non stress travel next week :D two years ago i was denied ESTA at San diego airport for travelling too often at that time my fiance. I was taken for secondary inspection and it was terrible experience + interview. now i am arriving at the same airport on Cr-1. I feel sick to my stomach about what to expect... last time they grilled me (though i did not do anything bad and i think it was totally unecesary) and i just dont want to feel “Deja vu” again. is here anyone who knows how it goes with CR1 at airport? Or SAN DIEGO/LAX experiences? should i worry especially having already great experience with 2ndary inspection there? Thank yuu for sharing
  9. Printscreen wouldt catch these beautiful letters very clearly
  10. I wonder how she responded when u brought up this letters issue to her. and when she found out u been sneaking into her facebook messages.
  11. What country is she from??the other man was american too? Its kinda odd if ur marriage was 100% that she would have a need to do this, and together with having little baby by her. And odd for the other man to be ok w it. But whatever ur issue in marriage was, it is not fraud. u cant do much anymore than continue to be a good dad.
  12. Police report shows your all life reports not just certain years. At least in my country. I would be dissapointed if it is different in yours.
  13. Probably thats right. I called embassy yesterday and they confirmed that my visa is approved and is printing. Assiming its going to be for pick up this week. Did you call your embassy?