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  1. She came to the US on a K1 Visa. We are now married. Is this typical or could they have made a mistake?
  2. Even some of my document are questionable. I sent requests to various Vital Statistics Offices and received Documents with limited information on them. In both cases I found the cases online from the official court websites and I am sending those as well. Everything else is good. I found a great resource on the USCIS site on how they like the application filed. https://www.uscis.gov/forms-filing-tips some of the suggestions were things I had never heard before, like numbering the pages according to you list of contents, putting you name on each page along with your case number, To write Original Submission and the Form you are submitting on the envelope and Cover Page, and advice on what not to do. Anyway, The package is ready to go. I have heard that the Cenomar can wait until the interview but not sure about that either.
  3. This is what I got from the State. It is not the Divorce Decree. It really does not have very much information, just our names, dates of final judgment and date filled, and Docket/Vol/Page number. No Judges signature, just a signature of State Register. And a heck of a lot of asterisks.
  4. Thanks that is really helpful. Is the CENOMAR is what she can get after her annulment is Recorded at The PSA. The Annotated Marriage Certificate is going to take a few months. That certificate she will be able to present at her interview. The CENOMAR is all I need to send in with my I-129f package. I think it will work this way. I have seen others here do that in the past. I also plan on submitting both her present name and her maiden name, and those two last names for her children as well, and add an attached page explaining the situation. Do you think that will work?
  5. My fiance recently got an annulment, which (unlike divorce) voids her previous marriage. So she is not divorce but single and was not married at all. Does this possibly cause confusion in this process. Though she is not considered to have been married the names of her and her children may be changed back to her maiden name. Should she wait to have this done? Should I put down the man's name who at one point was recognized as her husband. Should both last names be included as the names for her children on the form?
  6. I did a search on google and find a similar situation a few years back in this forum stating it is ok to just submit the record of the final judgment of the annulment. So that is good news!
  7. My fiancee's annulment has been approved and she is waiting for the annulment to be recorded at the NSO and PSA, but her annotated Marriage Certificate will take another 2 and a half month or so. Do I need this with my K1 Visa application or will the record of her annulment be enough for the application to be approved. Then at her interview she can present the annotated Marriage Certificate or do I have to wait ?
  8. ... what visa should I be considering? It has been a long process for us. We have known each other for 5 1/2 years. Now that she has her annulment we can get married. We were planning on getting a K1 Visa, but we will likely move to the Philippines in two years. We could be together here in the US if I proceed with the K1 visa, but once we move to the Philippines after just a year here, her status as a permanent resident will be forfeited. Right? Should I just wait another year and get a visa to go there and marry her?
  9. How long is she required to stay in the US after we have gotten married, and is there a time limit on her visit?
  10. I am not sure why this was moved to "off topic" since divorce form are a required part of a K1 visa. I am looking to see if others have had to go through the same experience of waiting 2 and a half months for the divorce records to be processed.
  11. Today I sent off two forms for my i-129f, but for the one I need from Georgia the response time is 8 to 10 weeks through the mail or the same day for walk-in service. Those are the only two options. If that is true I am better off making the 7 hour drive to Atlanta to get the records I need. Has anyone else had to deal with this?
  12. My fiancee has two children. One will start college this year in the Philippines, and the other will be graduating from high school next year. I would like to get visas for both. I am just starting out the K1 visa process, but I know her children can be part of her process if they are under 21. Right now I am just trying to get all of the paperwork together for the K1 but I also will need to include them in the process at some point. When in the process do I start their application for visas?
  13. That is what I am thinking because my fiancee lives in an apartment but has not had a job over the last 3 years. I would think the question might come up.
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