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  1. Thanks a lot. My visa was just issued today ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜…. Congratulate me. I'm so happy right now.FINALLY.
  2. Maybe i misheard her. She told me the visa expiration date. Maybe she said April/22/ 2020 but I issued 2022.
  3. Thank you so much. But I'm from Saudi Arabia and living in Netherlands and i couldn't get my Saudi police certificate and my original BC. So o submitted waivers for those 2 missing documents and NVC and US embassy accepted the waivers. They also told me we have all your civil documents. They didn't ask for more documents. They didn't give me any letters. So they seemed satisfied of what I provided to them. So yes I hope my AP takes so short. Actually at window 1 when they collected my civil documents and told me we have all your original Civil documents they told me when your visa get approved you have to leave before the visa get expired in 2022. Then in window 4 after the interview the CO said ypur visa is ok to be issued. What I heard from Consulers made me feel relaxed but the AP at CEAC is making me nervouse. But hopefully ot doenst take so long. Thank you for your reply, its helping me not to wprry.
  4. My imterview was yesterday. I gave them my civil documents at 11 and then i had to return at 1pm for my real interview. The interview was super nice, officers were super friendly and nice. The interview didn't take so long as I was expected. The CO at window 4 was very nice and patient to me and I felt so comfortable answering the questions and I felt like im talking to a friend of mine while giving some details to the answers. CO said your visa is ok to be issued and it will be issued within 10 business days, but 5 hours after I arrived home, charged my dead phone, and checked my CEAC, its under AP that takes several weeks. My lawyer said its a routine AP. ( to me it sounds like everyone goes through this AP) I just want to know why the normal routinely AP and the ugly AP have the same names?! They should pick a nicer name for the routinely one!!๐Ÿ˜‘ But once I realised my original civil documents are with the embassy too and they didnt hand them back to me, I said maybe this is the reason for AP to check if my original documents are real or fake since I'm a refugee in NL and they assume all refugees are expert in faking documents. Well I feel being labled as a regugee is complicating so many things to me by putting me in difficult situations๐Ÿ˜. Just cant wait to return to the states and get treated as a normal residence as I used to be. Should I just not worry about this AP or should I keep worrying?! I'm confused between the 2 kinds of APs. Tryna forget about it and not worry. I was super happy when the consular said its going to be issued within 10 days but that AP at my CEAC is telling me girl calm down don't be too excited not yet we are still working on this. ๐Ÿ˜ค Any experience like this plz?! Why do some ppl never went through AP things? And why do the US embassy still have my Original Civil Documents?
  5. Was yours expedited?! I was thinking once my expedite request got approved, NVC would immediately send my file to the embassy as it was mentioned in their email. All the documents, fees and everything were submitted on August/19. On August/30, my lawyer sent an expedite request. On September/04, it was received by NVC. Then it got approved to be expedited by the US embassy on September/17. I then started to check visa status in my CEAC, it was at NVC on Sep /17, 18, and 19. From September 20 till yesterday CEAC was officially down for everyone. I checked today hoping its Ready for an interview or at least in Transit so I prepare myself for the interview and the medical but unfortunately after all this wait it still says at NVC ๐Ÿ˜’. When I read other's ppl topics about how their expedite process went so fast, I get so worried about mine. Their case went to the embassy like the next day after the expedite got approved. I'm talking about the expedite without conditions, with submitted documents and paid fees. Are the approved expedite requests get treated differently according to the level of the emergency case?!
  6. I just tried too but its still at NVC ๐Ÿ˜•. Its weird its expedited since last week and i was expecting it to be in the embassy or at least in Transit!!!
  7. But how could i know if my case is ready for the interview?! Its been approved to be expedited last week but no update from the US embassy so i get to schedule my interview. I cant even know if the case is already ready for an interview. My lawyer for the first time didn't reply to my email!! It feels to me like there is a Shutdown in the whole US government ๐Ÿ˜•
  8. It might work if they asnwered your call. Try to call them or ask your lawyer to call them if you have a lawyer. I'm planning to email my lawyer again tomorrow for a follow up with the US embassy because my file is probably with the US emabassy since its expedited since last week but no update yet from both NVC or the embassy. I emailed my lawyer yesteday but she never replied since yesterday which is weird to me cuz she always replies in the same day. I need to know whats going on because i am waiting for an instructions from the embassy to schedule my medical and interview.
  9. How about the visa approvals and denials by the US embassies?! Do you have a statistical list about it?!
  10. My case is in the Netherlands and I'm facing the same issue since last week.
  11. Finally I'm not the only one. I just finished posting a topic about this issue. But seriously it was never been down for this long like since last week!!!!
  12. Anyone here had faced this problem before with CEAC visa status check?!. NVC expedite request was approved last Tuesday on September/17 and NVC stated that my Application will be immediately forwarded to the US embassy. But on September /20 I got an email from NVC telling me to check my CEAC email. When I checked I saw that all my documents are received and accepted and I'm documentary qualified. But when I loged into my CEAC account to check the visa status to see if its in "Transit" or "Ready", I couldnt get into that page. I tried a lot since last week but it seems that the website is down. But it was never been down this long. And I could get into my documents page to see my accepted documents, paid fees and the NVC emails. Every time I put my Case number and the CAPTCHA, I get a message in red color that says the CAPTCHA i put is not correct!! I was first assuming because my application is expedited and already sent to the US embassy so that is why I couldnt check my visa status through NVC because the file is not with NVC anymore!! Am i correct?! But at the same time im asking myself, but after my interview is done, how can I check through NVC if my visa was issued or not yet!! Isnt it the same website?! My concern for now, why can't i reach my visa status after my case got expedited?! I haven't even got an email from the US embassy since last week regarding my interview.
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