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  1. thanks @geowrian. I spoke to her and we clarified it all... She did her taxes for 2016 and for 2017 she has a letter from IRS stating that she wasn't required. So we should be good.
  2. thank you for the answers. She never mentioned any letter. I will check with her and hope that she has it. Like @geowrian said... she never had any income while out of the country. She did worked for a while when she was home for a little between these 4 years... but i dont think she ever filled any taxes....
  3. Hello community! I just got a letter from the USCIS requesting the petitioner for my case (my wife) to fill out the I-864 form and send it to them with the required evidences. The thing is that, she never did her taxes - on the last 4 years, she did not really work as she was doing some exchange programs abroad. She works now but the money she makes now is not enough to cover the sponsorship. So we used her mom as a joint sponsor. When I sent my paperwork, I just sent an I-864 with my mother-in-law information and taxes returns. Do you know how I should respond to this once my wife has never done her taxes? Also, do you think I should submit a second copy of my mother-in-law information? thank you very much!!
  4. I am using my mother in law 1040's to fill out the i-864. A question came up as with her yearly annual income. On her 2017 1040, shows that she has a "x" as her total income. That amount is based on her wages and a social security benefit. The wages are hers, from her job. The social security benefit is from my father in law (her spouse), as he is retired by disablement and gets money from social security. They do their taxes together but my father in law, who receives the social security benefit, is under her, as she claimed him in 2016. The total income (her wages + social security benefit) that she has on her 1040 is enough to cover the Poverty Guidelines of form i-864p. If I take the social security benefit amount out though, the income is not enough to meet the I-864 requirements. The question is if I should do a I-864a separately to my father in law, who receives the social security benefit, even if he is under my mother in law, who is the main sponsor. Just as an additional information... on my mother in law 2017 W2, a very similar number as the one in the 1040 shows up, but the W2 is only for her and her husband's name is nowhere there... which makes me believe that an additional i-864a is not necessary.
  5. Aquila Piacentini

    I stapled my papers. Now what?

    awesome. thank you everyone!!!
  6. I was about to close my package and I came across the instructions of not to staple the documents. I am wondering if I should print them all over again or if I just take the staples off.....
  7. Hello everyone! I am working on the I-485 form and I have a few questions about it as I am submitting a AOS with a B2 Visa Page 1: A-Number --- I do not have one yet and from my researches, I understand that I wont have one until I am officially seen as an immigrant in the country. Is my understanding correct? If so, should I leave the sections which ask from a A-Number blank? Page 2, Part 1, Item number 11: USCIS Online Account Number --- I do not have one, so my understanding is that I should leave it blank, correct? Page 2, Part 1, Item number 22a: Recent Immigration History --- The PDF wont let me write my admission status. In that case, is it ok if I just write it with normal ink once I print the forms? Page 3, Part 2: Application Type or Filling Category --- I do not have a I-797 yet and from my researches, I understood that I will only have one once my status change for an immigrant, then I will get a NOA-1 and NOA-2. Is my understanding correct? Page 4, Part 2, Item Numbers 3 and 4 --- Since I am not officially an immigrant yet, I should leave these blank, correct? I believe that's about it. Thank you very much for the help and support
  8. This was really helpful! Thanks for sharing it. I am going to use it as bases for submitting my petition.