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  1. thanks for the info guys. due to us being out of the state we had to register for a courier service. hope everything works out!
  2. hi guys... I am going through the process of registering for my husbands interview that is scheduled next month in rio de janiero. THey are making me secure a courier service to deliver the passport and visa.. which of course makes me nervous after all this time waiting.. handing your passport over to Brazilian courier services. We do not live in rio de janiero so we do not have the option to pick it up from a ASC. DId anybody have their passport sent to a business or residential address and it be ok we are thinking of putting it in a friends name to have delivered at the apartment building because somebody is always at the front gate.. can It be delivered to somebody like this? also what was the time frame for anybody specifically in brazil? thank you
  3. Oh and I’m talking about the CR1 visa after you submit and upload all your docs into the CEAC page you have to wait for an interview date.. I’m trhinf to get a timeframe on that
  4. Ok thank you I’m glad you said that. I’ll give them a call and see what they say. Once they were able to manually give you a date... how far out was that date?
  5. Hey there... how long from the point all the CEAC docs were accepted did it take you to receive notice that your case was being moved to the consulate in Rio? Did you have to contact anybody or did they do it on their own? I’m asking cause we got notice our docs were accepted 3 weeks ago and still have not heard about an interview date or anything since them. TIA
  6. hey guys.. we are waiting for our interview date currently. can i ask why you guys were denied at your interview.. i am trying to prepare everything now. thanks in advance
  7. Hello there! My husband and I applied offshore for the i-130. We are just about to get medical exams done in his home country... I’m trying to gain information on people that were RECENTLY at this stage... what vaccinations did they require you have or require you to receive at your medical exam appointment? We are trying to get everything in order prior. I understand there are lists on the USCIS website... but there are 2/3 different lists on USCIS and travelstate.gov one with many more vaccinations than the other... and I want to narrow it down from people’s personal experience... what did they make you receive? Did they test your blood for immunity to diseases? TIA below I have attached the 3 different lists I have found, some requiring more and some requiring less. Any clarification on which list is correct would be awesome.
  8. Are you in the same position? Trying to remove joint sponsor to add the same exact person as the household member?
  9. Not yet. We just were able to submit the paperwork yesterday. Who knows how long it will take for them to get back to me o say everything is okay or not
  10. Ah ok I understand. Thank you. I submitted forms to remove the joint sponsor so I could re ad him as the household member... it took me a lot of calls and two e mails. 3 weeks later they finally removed him if anybody is curious of the timeline
  11. how long from when you submitted the handwritten doc to request the removal to re add again did you receive the accepted forms on the CEAC? feels like we have been waiting forever and everytime i call the NVC they will not help me. saying its in administrative processing
  12. Okay so it seems like some are saying w2 is required some are saying not. What I’m having a hard time understanding is even the tax documents need to be originals or can be a copy that you bring to the interview? It’s difficult to get “exact” copies as everything is usually digital. Does anybody know what are the ACTUAL ORIGINAL docs that need to be brought to interview? Is it just civil docs for the beneficiary like passport and birth certificate etc?
  13. hey guys! hoping somebody can help me with current 2019 tax requirements. I submitted my 1040 and my fathers 1040 ( as the household member) to prove financial support. The documents were refused and they requested a 2017 IRS issued tax transcript.. I have obtained these documents and are working on uploading them. what I am trying to figure out is after I submit the current 1040 with the IRS transcript are they going to come back and request a w2 as well? they didn't ask for it the 1st time, just requested the transcript but I am trying to avoid yet another delay. I personally do not have a w2 because I lived abroad in Australia, so my income is foreign and reported for my transcript. will my household member need to submit a w2 or is the tax transcript going to make it so its not necessary? Help please! Also would love help from people who have done this in the late 2018 to early 2019, as I have heard they have changed the requirements for taxes. thank you.
  14. I thin we all know your frustration.. unfortunately it is a waiting game. I applied from the lockbox in Chicago in march of 2018 and they sent my app to Nebraska service center... then I heard NOTHING for months.. until December, so like 9 months.. then when NVC gets the case transferred to them, they don't "open" the file and let you upload to CEAC for another 6 weeks. unfortunately its just a waiting game for almost a year. once you get to the CEAC stage, its not fast by any means but there at least is some communication to at least let you know your visa is moving along.
  15. ok thanks guys, that makes sense. I know there can be a risk for sure. im thinking to buy a refundable fair. I am curious though, you have to go back to the same embassy that they had their interview at to pick up the visa? such a lame process, as most people don't live in the city they have to go to for their interview.
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