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  1. Okay so it seems like some are saying w2 is required some are saying not. What I’m having a hard time understanding is even the tax documents need to be originals or can be a copy that you bring to the interview? It’s difficult to get “exact” copies as everything is usually digital. Does anybody know what are the ACTUAL ORIGINAL docs that need to be brought to interview? Is it just civil docs for the beneficiary like passport and birth certificate etc?
  2. hey guys! hoping somebody can help me with current 2019 tax requirements. I submitted my 1040 and my fathers 1040 ( as the household member) to prove financial support. The documents were refused and they requested a 2017 IRS issued tax transcript.. I have obtained these documents and are working on uploading them. what I am trying to figure out is after I submit the current 1040 with the IRS transcript are they going to come back and request a w2 as well? they didn't ask for it the 1st time, just requested the transcript but I am trying to avoid yet another delay. I personally do not have a w2 because I lived abroad in Australia, so my income is foreign and reported for my transcript. will my household member need to submit a w2 or is the tax transcript going to make it so its not necessary? Help please! Also would love help from people who have done this in the late 2018 to early 2019, as I have heard they have changed the requirements for taxes. thank you.
  3. I thin we all know your frustration.. unfortunately it is a waiting game. I applied from the lockbox in Chicago in march of 2018 and they sent my app to Nebraska service center... then I heard NOTHING for months.. until December, so like 9 months.. then when NVC gets the case transferred to them, they don't "open" the file and let you upload to CEAC for another 6 weeks. unfortunately its just a waiting game for almost a year. once you get to the CEAC stage, its not fast by any means but there at least is some communication to at least let you know your visa is moving along.
  4. ok thanks guys, that makes sense. I know there can be a risk for sure. im thinking to buy a refundable fair. I am curious though, you have to go back to the same embassy that they had their interview at to pick up the visa? such a lame process, as most people don't live in the city they have to go to for their interview.
  5. hi guys! we are in the CEAC state of my husbands I-130 application process. I am trying to gain a little information on when everybody buys the flight for their spouse to come to the US? We have been waiting so long for this visa and are trying to not have my husband stay in his home country longer than he needs to. can you buy flights before the interview or do they not give you your passport till way after? I haven't found much information on what happens after the interview. thank you.
  6. So for everybody who has the same problem or question... a lawyer just told me that now CEAC will only receive transcripts. 1040 and W2 aren’t good enough. Transcripts only unfortunately. Apparently it’s soemthing they changed in the past months. Thanks for all the help
  7. I sent copies of the 1040 for three years for the co sponsor and then the 1040 for three years for myself along with one year including form 2555 for foreign income. were these the completely wrong tax forms or something? I thought I had it right and im so confused! if theres anyway to avoid getting the transcript from the IRS would make my life 5847 times easier!
  8. please help! I submitted the past 3 years of tax returns for myself and my co sponsor.. as per the request on CEAC stating "tax return or transcript" I got a notice saying they cannot accept those documents and I need to send in a transcript. Unfortunately the IRS won't let me retrieve it online or by e mail and their service center is so backed up they won't take calls. did anybody run into this issue? which tax documents did you submit? I am trying to find a way to get around this as its the thing holding us back from getting to move on. thanks
  9. brderenne

    CEAC rejected forms

    Supervisor review? I have not heard of this before. If I call them before I upload everything they’ll be able to tell me if it’s the correct doc or not? Sorry it’s all just so confusing!!
  10. brderenne

    CEAC rejected forms

    technically on all the forms I live with him, as I lived overseas for a few years and that was my permanent address back in the US. but on all his tax forms I was not listed as a dependent. He is the sponsor.. so what you're saying is he needs to now file a I-864a proving the relationship from me to him?
  11. hi all! so I just submitted all my docs to CEAC and almost all of them were rejected with a problem. the thing that is the most confusing to me is that I as the petitioner filed the I-864 because you have to for affidavit of support. I am currently unemployed as I just moved home from living overseas. My father is the joint sponsor and makes enough. They said that he didn't fill out the I-864A because I was told he didn't need to and that it was just the I-864 from him and from me. does anybody know about this? I don't see why he needs to fill out an I-864a if he already did the I-864. thank you!
  12. For me it just says that they are submitted... it’s been like this for about a week. How long did it take for you to hear something?
  13. hi guys! so i submitted all my CEAC documents about a week or so ago and all the included supporting documentation. When i log onto my CEAC account under affidavit and civil documents it says "completed" and under fees it says "paid" and under IV application it says "completed" so it seems from this view i have submitted all documents and am waiting for them to get back to me? however when i log on on the CEAC website under " check immigration status" it says required documents.... and its saying i have to upload all of the above documents. has this happened to anybody? do you think it just hasnt been updated or that the documents have not been uploaded properly? as we all know the worst thing is to think your visa is moving up in the line and youre actually at a stand still. tried calling NVC but they are so backed up they arent taking any calls. any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I have the sponsors affidavit of support paper and there is a signature on there do you think that’s ok?
  15. hey there, me again! first off this is the most helpful website and im thankful for all you guys taking time to help. so i have just submitted all the files to the CEAC page, and it states that you must bring all files in hard copy to the interview.. but its a bit confusing as theres documentation that i had to submit for my father being the joint sponsor like his license and birth certificate that obviously i cant bring with me.. do you guys know what the protocol on this is?