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  1. Last question... what exactly do I need to send out when I send out the AOS paperwork? The I-485, the I-765 and the I-131. Is there anything else?
  2. Okay, a copy of our marriage certificate needs to be send out with the AOS right?
  3. So the paperwork doesn’t need to be sent out before the end of the 90 days? As long as we’re married?
  4. My (now) wife is here on a K1 visa. She arrived in the US in July. Her 90 days ends October 2nd. We got married last Thursday. We are waiting for the marriage certificate now. Does our paperwork need to be sent out by the end of the 90 days, or do we just need to be married before the 90 days are up? thank you!
  5. It is fully paid for and does have Tpms sensors
  6. Hello, my fiancé and I have been approved for our fiancé visa and we are going to be moving her to the US next week! We are going to be driving her car from Canada to the US and keeping it here so that she can have her car here with her to use. What do we need to have at the boarder to ensure that we will be fine when crossing. We already have the letter from the manufacturer. We were told there was more than just the letter that we needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. My fiancé had her visa interview yesterday and we submitted the wrong affidavit. Because of this we have to mail it now and it said it could take 6-8 weeks to hear back. Does anyone know how accurate this time period is? We want to try to plan ahead if possible. Thank you!
  8. Will they completely disregard the I-1864 that we submitted yesterday? Since they didn't need it.
  9. My fiancé and I had her visa interview yesterday. We made a mistake and brought in the I-1864 instead of the I-134. They told us we will be approved as soon as we send the I-134 to them in the mail. They kept our I-1864 that we brought in yesterday. But now filling out the I-134 I'm struggling. On the I-184 I only included my 2 jobs that I had last year because those were the jobs that were listed on my income tax return and that I had W2's for. Now that we need to send in the I-134 I'm not sure if I should list my current job (because it asks for current employment) but I do not have this current job listed on any income tax return or w2 because I started in January. For my jobs last year I wasn't making enough to support my fiancé, but with my new job I am. After the interview they kept the I-1864 paperwork, so I'm worried about sending in the I-134 with a different job listed than what they have on the I-1864. They also have my mom on the I-1864 because I needed a joint sponsor, but if I list my current job, I don't need a joint sponsor. Also, since I don't have an income tax return or W2 for my new job, what should I send in with the I-134 as proof of income? Thank you for reading all of this and helping!!!
  10. When I asked them to extend it they said they could only do that during the interview (at which time my I-129F will have already expired)
  11. I am the petitioner. I have a new job as of January. But on the I-129F it only has my old employment. The DS-160 did not ask for my employment. Only my finance's employment history.
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