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  1. Oh No! I'm so sorry, that's so frustrating! Hopefully someone else can chime in with a solution or NVC can help ☹
  2. this happened to me several times last week. I was ready to throw my computer across the room! I ended up switching browsers (from google chrome to internet explorer) and then was able to complete the form.
  3. We received 2 emails from NVC today, the first one that our documents had been accepted and then a few hours later we got the DQ email. After being stuck in Nebraska for nearly a full year (363 days to be exact) I'm so glad this part moved so quickly. I hope everyone else whos waiting for their DQ hears something soon!
  4. Congratulations! So nice to see someone having good news to share I am just waiting for my payments to clear so I can proceed with the DS-260 and get everything uploaded. Hoping I will be able to get started tomorrow.
  5. Woke up to an email from NVC with our case number!! NOA2: Aug 24 Sent to NVC: Sept 13 NVC received: Sept 23
  6. We got our approval today!! I am here in the states visiting my husband as our 1st wedding anniversary was on Saturday. We were really hoping it would come while I was here...so excited after such a looong wait! PD 08/24/18 APPROVED 08/22/19
  7. Today marks 329 days for us...I assume you are a Nebraska filer, if so it's going to be a while longer before NOA2.
  8. I ordered mine last month and had it in 2 weeks
  9. Yes, I just phoned the public health unit where I grew up and asked for the records department. The lady asked me a few questions to verify I was who I said I was (birthdate, maiden name, cities I have lived in over the years) and then said she had everything up until 2004 and asked if I wanted to pick them up or have it mailed. Super easy! I also called the one where I am now for my most recent tetanus info...same process.
  10. I was also told that I may not be able to get mine as I was born in 1973 but they were still on file.
  11. Also...she can get a titer test for varicella, it will show whether she has had chickenpox and has the antibodies in her system, she can ask for this test from her doctor. I just had this conversation with the nurse practitioner at my doctors office last month...hope that helps
  12. Just yesterday I phoned the public health unit in both the city I live in now (for my most recent tetanus shot info) and the town I grew up in (for all of my childhood vaccinations) to get my immunization records. In both cases they just verified my identity with a couple of questions and said 'OK I've located your records, would you like to pick them up or would you like them mailed?' I'm not sure where your fiancé is located, but if she is in Ontario the public health department should have her vaccination records on file and it shouldn't be an issue for her to obtain them.
  13. There is a bunch of helpful info in the guide about the steps and forms that we need for each step...heres a link www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1
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