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  1. There is a bunch of helpful info in the guide about the steps and forms that we need for each step...heres a link www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1
  2. I've just been working on getting as many things in line as I can while we wait. I'm the beneficiary - so for example, I do not have a long form birth certificate so I ordered one last week so that I have it in my possession when needed. I've gathered all of my immunization records so I have them when I need them. Basically I've just started a file with all of the things I will need eventually on this journey so that when it's finally time, I don't have to scramble around searching for anything. I'm going in 11 days to see my Husband for a week and we have another visit planned for May and are working out dates for a trip in August. Hoping the time passes faster when we have things to look forward to.
  3. lngtimecoming

    police check

    Just a couple quick question about the police check that is required...how long is it valid and will they accept a vulnerable sector screen? I'm asking because I need to get an updated vulnerable sector police screen done in the next couple of months for my job. I know they are valid for 6 months under normal circumstances but wondering if this process has a more limited date range? Thanks
  4. We mailed ours on the way to the airport. So it was mailed the day I left to come home (3 days after our wedding) never actually thought anything about what would be acceptable, just wanted to start the process ASAP.
  5. Hello, August 17/18: Married August 21/18: I-130 sent to Chicago lockbox August 24/18: package received text September 1st: NOA1 letter in mail dated August 28 with August 24 priority date (Nebraska service center) And now we wait.....
  6. lngtimecoming

    expired form?

    Use that form, we used it to file on Aug 21.
  7. lngtimecoming

    Marry in US while visiting??

    Thank you so much...that's super helpful!!
  8. lngtimecoming

    Marry in US while visiting??

    I'm a full time student (graduating in December) would a letter from the school that I am enrolled and due back to class on a certain date help? I also have a part time job that I have been employed at for 15 years, I'm assuming a letter with my next shift listed after vacation along with my job title and years of employment would be helpful? I don't have a lease for my apartment but I have lived here for years and have utility bills in my name with my address...any other suggestions for proof would be appreciated!
  9. lngtimecoming

    Marry in US while visiting??

    I have always said I was visiting a friend when going over to see him....sometimes they ask his name and then how we met where he works his address etc. We have been visiting (mostly me going there) for 16 years now.
  10. lngtimecoming

    Marry in US while visiting??

    Thank you Ontarkie...would I need to tell them at the border that I was intending to marry while I was there or would that just open a big can of worms?
  11. Hello, I have searched the site and found conflicting answers to my question. Can I marry my American fiance while visiting the US, then return home to Canada and start paperwork for spouse visa? He seems to think this is allowed.