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  1. The same thing for me. Both my I-94 and SSN don't have the middle name but I don't think it'll be a problem cause when you file the AOS there's a part there where it says "other names used" and that's where you're gonna put your whole maiden name just like how it is in your Philippine passport so they can have a reference that it's really you on the mc, ssn and I-94
  2. We got married in California. Both my names are shown on the marriage certificate, my maiden name and on the lower part is my new name with my husband's last name.
  3. Hello, to answer your question, No we didn't filed anything to amend our marriage certificate. I've done research about this too and it says that they do that with everyone's name because that's the naming format here in the US especially if you have two first names. With regards to filing the AOS we were adviced that it doesn't matter if my name on our marriage cert doesn't show my middle name correctly. I can still file however I want my name to be on my gc. The marriage certificate is only used to prove that I got married to my fiancé and that I am taking his last name as my new last name. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi everyone. Hopefully someone can enlighten me with this problem or i'm not really sure if it's gonna be a problem. I am a Filipina with two first names and on our marriage certificate the minister separated those two names as my first name and middle name. She didn't included my mom's surname as my middle name which is what is written on my birthcertificate. I'm not sure if it's gonna be a problem cause i know that the name format is different here in the US so i'm assuming that's why the minister did it like that. But I still wanna know if anyone have also experience this. TIA.
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