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  1. Hey I’m in vawa case since January 2018 im outside of Usa bc before I start with this cases I travel with my advance parole to my country and my wife stop our process then in the airport the officer don’t let me in and Deportation from US back to my country now I waiting to my vawa approval my question is I need to get divorce from my wife and I don’t have any way to contact with her she didn’t answer to her phone she disappeared can I back to Usa with vawa recipe in the immigration in the airport them let me in to finish my process and to get divorce bc for divorce one of us me or my wife need to be personal in the state to get divorce and my wife is not an a option??? please help!
  2. Hey my wife withdrew our i130 ( was approved)and I 485 (was waiting to my Gc) when I was outside of US so when I coming back from my contry to US the Officer don’t let me go inside the state Bcy travel documents was not valid anymore by my case was withdrew by my wife so I get remove and them send me back to my Country and get removed process I apply for Vawa in January 2018 from my country my question is how I can back to U.S ? Have any temporary way that I can back or it’s just to wait to my vawa be approved?? All my stuff my life my job it’s there please help !!!!
  3. Hey everyone i don’t know what to do I get remove from Usa when I back from my country to Us be my wife cancel out process in USCIS so when I back to Usa them told me that my advance parole it’s not valid anymore and them send me back to my country i file wava case in January 16 2018 i get already Prima faice notice and still waiting the problem is that I’m outside from Usa anybody know if have something that I can do at least to go back to Usa when I’m waiting to my i360 be approved??? all my life it’s there and that not have something Worse then that please help!!