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  1. They weren't able to inform me whether or not my card had been shipped. The rep was telling me that there would be no point in talking to tier 2 since he would tell me the same thing. They just said again to wait the full 6 months. It's just very frustrating how they are not able to tell if my card has been shipped or not. Hmm, I'll do that tomorrow morning.
  2. Tried talking to tier 2 and was denied the request. Thanks anyways. I guess I'm going to sit my wasted flight ticket out if it comes to that. There are no infopass appointments available unfortunately. But thanks anyways.
  3. Thank you for replying. Yes, I did. Although my mother's travel document came in the mail, her status says that biometrics have been processed and that they are working on the travel document, which I find weird because it already came in. It says the same thing for me, yet I still haven't received my travel document.
  4. My mother and I filed for i131 class c ( permanent resident through asylee) at the same time, and had our biometrics appointment on the same day. My mother received her travel document in the mail 1 month ago and I still have not received mine. Is this normal?