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  1. That is good I am not there yet! Just think it as a normal interview. Remember to think it as a interview not an interrogation hahahaha. You guys should be fine! Don't sweat it!
  2. Hello, I just mailed in my I-485 the other day and this is what I did: (My fiance' came on a K-1) Here is my list: (Hopefully this helps) I don't have all the documents with me right now but thinking on top of my head. 1) A copy of her State Identification and School Identification 3) A copy of her Front Page Information of her Passport and the approved Visa / Also made copies of our WAC # as well as the I-757 Approved NOA2 / NVC letter everything (Remember the I-94 document online) 4) A copy of our Marriage Certificate and a copy of her Social Security Card 6) I added her to all our utilities bills the first month she got here so I copied 2-3 months of them 7) I added her to my bank account and had 2-3 months transactions with both our name and made copies 8) I added her to my Auto Insurance as well as Health Insurance as well and made copies 9) I went to our local BCA (Law Enforcement ) and did an immigration check up with her Name and birthday (a copy as well authentic law enforcement paper that states that she have not done any crimes since she got here) 10) I added her to our mortgage and printed a copy of it as well 2-3 months 11) I included my 2017 & 2018 Federal Income Taxes as well as my last 3 pay stubs from my jobs (2019) stating that I am still working 12) I also went to Walgreens and made her take 2 passports photos and sent them along as seeing current look 13) I also included an cashier check for $12?? + I don't remember on top of my head to Homeland security. 14) I made copies of the medical documents she did over at her country ---> I also brought her to do a check up with a doctor who was approved by USCIS (check online USICS for doctors near you) to do a checklist that she doesn't need any more shots and that her vaccinations are up to date. (Cost $400+) 15) There might be more.....This is all I can think of. When I get home and double check I will re added and reply to you. Hope this helps.
  3. I am not sure about the calling in but when I received my NOA2 I waited 5 weeks for them to send me my information from NVC. I received my information by email instead of postal mail so also check both.
  4. I have great news guys! We did our interview on Wednesday, 02/27/2019 and passed! (Our interview only lasted seriously 2 minutes) We received the K1-Visa on Wednesday, 03/06/2019! (One week later) My Fiance's Point of Entry (POE) ---> Saturday, 03/09/2019 I want to thank all of you guys for coming along with me on this journey! For those who are still waiting, have faith you will make it through! I am currently on the processed in the couple of days filing the marriage certificate and getting her enrolled in school!
  5. Nice! My fiancee's interview is this coming Wednesday the 27th in the morning. I cannot wait for it as well! We are hoping for a March POE to the USA if all goes well. What a journey for us Jan. 2018 petitioners LOL! I will also keep everyone posted as well. I heard it might be a harder interview in a third world country like my Fiancee's (Laos), finger's cross for us....
  6. Thank you so much!!! Almost there . What a long process it is but 16 more days and I can't wait!
  7. Interview is set for February 27, 2019. I will be flying there a few days ahead and will probably sit with her in silence during the interview. We got this !!!!! 1 year and 2 months plus +++ later!!!!
  8. Hey guys good news, I visited my Fiancee for the past month while waiting for the NVC. I have a family member check my postal mail everyday but there was no luck. I was hoping that the NVC would send postal mail but I was totally wrong. The funny thing was that they sent my NVC letter by "EMAIL" instead of postal mail [SO PEOPLE DO CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR NVC AS WELL]. I received the NVC letter 4 days after my departure ---> wish I would of knew would of save me a month. I can't log-in my email due to being in a different country. Departure to visiting: Nov. 24, 2018 NVC sent email copy on: Nov. 28, 2018 with instruction Dec. 06, 2018 (All email and no postal mail) Dec. 24, 2018: Saw the email of NVC as well as the step process. Beginning Jan. 2019: Started the NVC process... On the bright side, the payment for the interview was done and I am in the process of scheduling her appointment as well as getting the medical examination done. .I am hoping for a FEBRUARY Interview. My process is well over a year. It is well worth it!
  9. Hey Guys, It has been a long Journey for myself and my Fiancee'. I checked this morning and we were approved yesterday Thursday Oct. 18, 2018. Please patient guys, it will all come sooner or later. Below is my timeline: Official Receipt date: Janurary 04, 2018 (288 days) Official NOA1: January 09, 2018 (282 Days) *Call in for inquiry on the case on August 22,2018 for being over the inspecting date (Told to wait 30-45 days) October 1, 2018: Message my Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN -Ramsey County / Saint Paul Area) October 4, 2018: One of Betty McCollum's representative send me documents for USCIS File Waiver release form and I sent it in. October 9, 2018: Notification that they are trying to reach the officer in charge of my case / -Even now haven't heard anything yet from the Congresswoman Betty McCollum but I am sure they made a difference :) Official NOA2: October 18, 2018 (OMG IT TOOK FOREVER) 9 1/2 Months,,......No RFE at all My I29f K1 Visa case was approved on the new website "USCIS DHS" and not the old one. The old site has not been updated yet. Now I am just currently waiting for the hard coping which should be arriving in the next couple of days. Where do I go next? Where do I find the NVC October 2018 link? It would be really appreciated!!! October 18, 2018 "Case Was Approved On October 18, 2018, we approved your Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), Receipt Number WAC189010XXXX. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Current as of today at 9:45 a.m."
  10. Don't worry guys, LOL! I am still waiting as well and patiently looking at you guys' post everyday. Received Date: Jan. 04, 2018 (258 Days) NOA1 Date: Jan. 09, 2018 (252 Days) Call in for inquiry Status of the Case: Aug. 22, 2018 (told to wait 30 - 45 days) (Been 28 Days) Note: Talked with a Tier 1 and they don't want to transfer me to a Tier 2 --- I also received a letter of that inquiry by mail, but haven't seen any RFE or heard of that yet as well. Fiancee's Country: Laos (Saw one recently with NOA1 for Laos on the Jan. 08, 2018 and was approved a few days ago) Not sure why it is taking so long?!!! I should be cleared to go. I work a government job and should be cleared off background, make enough for fiancee' support, etc...But oh well on the bright side, just booked my ticket the end of this year. I am going 1 month to go visit her :). What a wait guys,... still waiting. You all are not alone.
  11. First time posting here on Visa Journey and I have been checking all of yours' Jan. 2018 Filers for months now! I am on the same boat as you. I received the same email earlier this morning at 6:33 (CT Time). I am unsure what this means but I am happy that they have taken some action on some cases and are letting us know. I know that there are people that filed before us and haven't received anything yet as well as people getting approved that filed after us. I am just happy that I heard something directly from USCIS. Today marks my 7 Months Received date 01/04/2018 and my original NOA1 is 01/09/2018 so I probably have a week or so left to hopefully hear something from USCIS. I also have another questions in regards to the Country filing in? Do the country of the beneficiary makes a big factor in how long or quick the K1 Visa gets approved? My beneficiary is from Laos which I believe might be stricter more regulated in regards to these kind of petition as compare to other country (bigger country) as for example; Brazil, China, Australia, etc..... Do any of you guys that have been through this know? Or anyone that has done a petition for a fiance of fiancee in Laos that had been approved know? Thanks....
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