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  1. Lori & Tarik

    K1 visa denied in Casablanca

    He did receive the 221 I apologize for my mistake in using the word denied.. There was nothing “checked” on it.. I find it truly insulting that you would say things like ‘dreamily talking’ you have No idea who I am or what my relationship is like.. This comment was neither helpful or needed.
  2. Lori & Tarik

    K1 visa denied in Casablanca

    He said he was the the last person called and the man the interviewed him was pretty young and definitely got a vibe that he didn’t like him But said he answered everything correct, I’m sure I will find out more. When we can both can talk more. I’ve visited 3 times in the last year for a total of over 30days and we had lots of photos, messages. We are close in age, no divorces, kids, criminal records. Didn't see this coming at all 😭💔
  3. My fiancé was denied his visa today at the interview.. We are both so heartbroken.. When will I get a formal response with a reason? Should I spend money on appeal? How long will that process take? or just do a marriage visa? I can’t even think right now, just didn’t know where else to go for help/Support