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  1. Sounds strange indeed. Sorry! USCIS should send you an I797 for the receipt of your documents. We got ours (for I140, I765 etc) within 2 weeks.
  2. We are going through EB2-NIW. Approval of I140 in Aug 19 and trying to get I485 submitted by first half of Oct. Told by lawyer I485 form going to revised in Oct 15. All the best!
  3. I don't have an opinion. Ask if they have a good records of approved petitions.
  4. Why would you do that? Nebraska has shorter processing time. Just curious. For that question, check with your lawyer. When I spoke to mine months ago, I did not think I have a choice. It was based on my residence address.
  5. Thanks. Indeed. We use Victoria Chen and our I140 is approved after 6 months upon priority date for NIW. She offered us the approve or refund package so if the petition rejected, the lawyer fee would be fully refinded. I recommend her. We may use them again for I485. Anyone here self filed I485?
  6. We filed Feb 2019 and it was the Texas office. Great!
  7. Thats good to know. Oue I140 has just been approved and our PD is early this year, so hopefully, by Oct, it will be current for us to apply. How long is the I485 process? I heard various timeline from 3 months to 1.5 years. Kind of confused how long it actually will take.
  8. Update. It took awhile about our I140 is approval. Now we are waiting for our priority date to become current. Yes, even for Singapore, we need to wait till the date becomes current. And then off to I485.
  9. We are in the process of applying EB2 NIW. It will be best to consult a lawyer familiar with your nationality and his field of study. Ours look at not just PhD, but also number of publications, patents, recommenders' credentials as well as the results of projects he worked on. As I understand, this visa does not need employer's sponsor and can be applied while the petitioner is still working on his/her PhD. Check with some lawyers and see of they can provide you a better picture.
  10. EB2 is more relaxed than O1? How? I always think EB 1/2 are the most stringent than O visa.
  11. We are applying for EB2-NIW and we do have legal rep to help. It is quite a lengthy process just on preparing the documents. It has taken us a good 3 months just to put everything together. We are using legal rep to help us with I-140 but we plan on doing I-485 later. After going through these couple of months, I think it is wise to have them. I believe and hope they know what they are doing. They help with making sure we have the right qualifications, all necessary documents, a good combination of recommenders and the adequate content of their letters etc. Consult a couple of law firms and some provide free assessment of the eligibility of the applicant before any decision to be made. It is costly, but it should eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and time if they do it right. All the best!
  12. Thank you for enlightening! We have been through AOS, just was not familiar with some abbreviations here.
  13. Our family has valid H1/4 Visas, and also in the process to get into I-140 then I-485 application. Can my teenage daughter go on a one-month school exchange program overseas? I know theoretically, it should be okay with valid H4, but will being away affect I-140/I-485 application?
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