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  1. I am like you, concerned but not too worried. My service center is SRC and it looked like they were working rapidly fast few weeks ago, and randomly approving cases from 2019 to few early 2020s. My 500 group, I have like 5-6 of them left and I am July 2019 filer. Hope you hear something soon.
  2. @shynepapin Do you have any updates regarding your case? Yours and my cases are similar, just wondering if you received anything, mine still says fingerprint review completed November 2019.
  3. Is there any TSC filers left to get approved for july filers, who havent applied for N400? Looks like they were really fast for a while and suddenly stopped.
  4. And everyone on fb wishes to be SRC filers, here we are still waiting, and some people who filed before us waiting. 😕
  5. Congratulations, SRC here, case number above and below has been approved except mine and waiting
  6. So people from december 2019, november 2019 and random other months in SRC center are getting approved. Is the system hacked or are they going to touch our files. It surely looks like they do not process as received. I hope after USCIS door opens for public they wont stop approving I751 at all.
  7. It looks like you submitted checks sent to your apartment rent lease- they want actual lease contract from apartment or home loan statement to prove you both reside together. You sent tax transcripts- they want tax transcript with w2 from Irs page, go to irs.gov and print out transcript from irs page, send driver license or id card with common address with whichever bills you guys have even if it is in either spouse name, to show both of you live together. Affidavit to be written from your families and friends who knows about your relationship and pretty much what they are asking for. I have seen they reply to RFE pretty quick and approve your case if they are satisfied, or call you for interview. It is not bad that they asked for rfe, it means they are working on your case and that is good. Good luck and please update us.
  8. I don't know if this was handled properly or not. I inquired about it and took big stress on it, I could file a motion but that would instead delay my case, it was better to re-file the entire case. When i went for the stamp for my passport, I spoke with one of the officer. He told me, if it was joint than USC also has right to withdraw his signature. At this point, I have a stamp on my passport and I am working, I am out of exhausted relationship. All I can do it wait for approval or interview. I am not taking any more stress about it, looking forward for the best new year
  9. My first I751(jointly filed april 2018) was withdrawn by USC-ex spouse. Filed second based on waiver after receiving final divorce decree, received another extension letter, stamped my passport 3 weeks ago, waiting continues.
  10. Does anyone knows TSC is processing/approving for which month right now??
  11. I applied april 2018 for the first time. waited till april 2019, my ex withdrew the case, wrote a letter to uscis to withdraw it. Again filed 2nd with waiver july 25. waiting now. first was csc second is tsc
  12. I received my biometrics letter too for 11/19/19, status says fingerprint reuse. I wonder what will they update after fingerprint done. Anyways, I am happy that they are touching my case. Also, my ASC is like 3 minutes away from my home. service center TSC 😀
  13. 7/26/2019, SRC, Biometrics review complete status changed 9/24 but havent received anything in the mail yet. So i wont get any excited. It might be a glitch and they might call us for bio later in the year.
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