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  1. I see the filing location is TX and AZ. how come people are filing Vermont and California. I dont understand? https://www.uscis.gov/i-751
  2. when and where did you filed initially? and what is your first 3 alphabet
  3. My case number starts from SRC and i haven't received any mail regarding transfer neither update on the case status. So I guess its still in Dallas?
  4. Dallas. Received july 26, got extension letter. waiting for biometric
  5. Update on my case: Finalized the final decree, sent whole new waiver based package today with another filing fee. Will see what they say after receiving. Waiting for years now. AGAIN.
  6. Nevermind. I did not see the hide content. Read it. Thats a lot of stress to handle. USCIS can give you depression
  7. Yeah, also spoke with the officer. He said my previous i-751 file is closed. So, next week I will be filing entirely new packet. Only the difference will be that single file check mark. Phew! Your profile shows you filed twice too? can I ask the reason?
  8. I just spoke with another lawyer. She tells me to file waiver with divorce until I read her withdrawal letter last sentence. It says i-751 never been filed. Than she says to file complete new application.
  9. Yes, It it from USCIS. I covered the barcode when I posted here. I called USCIS the other day and he tells me you should get a lawyer. I have called them today and right now waiting for tier 2 officer to call me back which will be after 226 minute 🙄. I will update what he says. I am also planning to go visit local uscis office next week with my final decree in hand, and ask them what can I do. Meanwhile, I am preparing for whole new I751 too, because idk which path I should take.
  10. Yes, one of the lawyer told to file all over again, and the other one told to send a waiver. I am really confused because I think there are very few cases like this and these lawyer have no idea what to do. In the letter, it also says once its withdrawn it cannot be retracted, and it says it cannot be considered joint petition. I dont know what am i suppose to do. My court day for divorce is next week, and I am planning to go local uscis on the same day. See what they say. They do not accept infopass, i hope I will be able to speak with someone and get answer. Right now, I have prepared new I-751 with all the evidences. But I am not sure if I should file entire new package with new fees, new evidence or just the waiver with decree. Lawyers giving mixed answer.
  11. Here is the letter, and it says clearly that if one of the member withdraws than it could be withdrawn, since it is a joint petition. I was sure that my soon to be ex could do no harm to my case. But well, I was wrong. I will be refiling entirely new i751 next week I guess.
  12. ok, I want to update with you guys. I received a mail today telling my i751 have been withdrawn and USCIS will treat it like it was never filed. It says petitioning spouse submitted written notice requesting withdrawal, and it is a joint petition submitted jointly so it has been withdrawn. I spoke to few immigration lawyer and they suggested me to file entire new i751 based on waiver once I receive my final decree. The problem is I will have red flag on my case because my spouse withdrew the case. So, I will have my final decree soon and i will refile the case and wait for zillion more years i guess.
  13. This is what it says online, he went to uscis office and wrote a letter in front of the clerk and handed to the clerk. Thats what he said. I guess i will just wait for now to see what the notice going to be
  14. yes, by the time i will have my withdrawn notice, i will have my final divorce decree to. I might meet with few lawyer those do free consultation i guess
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