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  1. RC and JE

    New K-1 RFE Master List

    Yes, that is the same thing.
  2. NOA1 4/30. I just received my NOA2, but over the phone. I have not received any other notifications. I had an RFE for a document I already submitted. An agent told me over the phone that sometimes “documents get separated from the file.” I would suggest contacting your congresspersons office if you have not already done so. They can submit an inquiry on your case. You can even get an info pass to talk to someone in person. I know someone who had to do all these things to find out 8 mos into it that her case had not been assigned to anyone. I’m not saying that is your case as all cases are different, but it doesn’t hurt to be persistent. They are not above human error.
  3. RC and JE

    New K-1 RFE Master List

    Wow. I hope I hear back soon. I wonder if the file goes back to the same agent who originally reviewed the file or if RFEs are processed by someone else. It says Laguna Niguel office when I call so I would imagine someone else. Thanks for your response.
  4. RC and JE

    New K-1 RFE Master List

    Hi everyone. So I received my RFE and they asked for my divorce decree which I had already sent with my I-129F packet. I submitted another divorce decree and they received the reply on 11/29. Has anyone been in this situation and how long did it take to get approval? Seems like a simple fix, but no word yet.
  5. RE: timeline Which date goes in the RFE Reply slot? The date USCIS shows they received the RFE?
  6. I'm still waiting to receive my RFE. They said it was mailed 11/15, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm subscribed to informed delivery. I don't know how long security clearances take exactly. I'm sorry I can't help there.
  7. RC and JE

    New K-1 RFE Master List

    Thank you for your reply! Yes, I have had mixed responses when talking to tier 2 agents in the past. This one was helpful, but told me to call back, I think to see if a notice was sent out. She said they are still working on RFE. I’m hoping it goes out soon and it’s an easy fix. I’m glad to hear you got the notice soon after.
  8. RC and JE

    New K-1 RFE Master List

    Hi everyone. NOA1 4/30. I called and spoke to a tier 2 agent today and they told me that the a note was put in the system with today's date saying they will be requesting more evidence, but that it is still processing and a notice has not gone out. Does anyone have experience with this and if so, did you call soon after? How soon did you receive notification of RFE? I am at a loss of what it might be.
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. I am wondering if USCIS says it is still being worked on, but a notice has not been sent out, how soon I should expect to receive it. I am really at a loss of what it could be. I sent in tons of evidence, but yes, could be a small mistake.
  11. NOA1 4/30 I called and asked for a tier 2 rep today thinking I would put in a formal inquiry. Instead they told me that an agent wrote in the system today that they will be requesting more evidence. It looks like I will be getting an RFE, but she said they are still working on it and that a notice has not gone out. Anyone have experience with this? Both sites and apps still say "case received." "
  12. RC and JE

    End of year Guyana interviews

    Thanks! Did you just receive your case number, etc? I’m just curious if they scheduled anyone in December. It seems like they skipped over that month. It’s looking like I won’t have my interview any time before February now. Fingers crossed I get my NOA2 any day now.
  13. I’m also waiting. Day 191.