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  1. How detailed the form has to be ? Like Can I just mention clothes or I've to mention 3 T-Shirts 1 Trouser 4 Dress shirts etc
  2. My car doesn't have TPMS but was imported from US. Would I have any problem ?
  3. Good option. It's close. Good luck on the interview !
  4. There isn't any thing as absolute safe but if you look at the reviews and they're +ive, I think you should be okay there ! i've tried Airbnb in Pk couple of times and worked out greeat
  5. Try Airbnb as well . You can also stay in aabpara. Careem shouldn’t be a problem but have a backup plan as well
  6. Yes that’s what I will suggest too. There isn’t any cost to maintain it . Even a 10 year passport cost less than $200 & nicop is even half the price
  7. Personal choice if you really want to do it, but I don't see any point
  8. I generally think that it's a bad idea to renounce the citizenship at all
  9. Even if you renounce your citizenship you've to be citizen of any country. Just being on PR would make you stateless which isn't possible IMO. If you've to visit India, even if your grand father was a Pakistani citizen you've to follow the same protocol as being a Pakistani. I prefer to keep passports from every country I am citizen of. Your passport should show country of birth regardless
  10. Curious on what's the What's the benefit of renouncing it ?
  11. I understand if you're in Military, you still get the credit as you spent that time in states. I believe it's the same for Federal jobs. Can any one tell if there a detailed list of which jobs would qualify and which wont ?
  12. Based on the quote + storage & other fees, I've reconsidered and now selling all my furniture and bigger items & now only taking smaller items. I've an SUV which I want to keep so I'll drive that with a Uhaul trailer. Have to install hitch so I think it'll cost me $1500 for hitch, car + travel + Fuel + hotel etc. Sound a good deal since it'll be a good long trip for us. Will get a storage once we're there and live in Airbnb till we find a place for us
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