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  1. They changed the name. No cancellation was necessary. Yay! Thanks everyone. Glad United Airlines was able to make that a simple process.
  2. Alright Thanks. It hasn't been 24 hours since i purchased the ticket so would it be ok to simply change the name with the airline? I imagine that is a simpler process than trying to update the passport (especially since we haven't completed our ROM). If I change the name on the ticket would it be an issue on the return flight since my green card is in my married name?
  3. Hello. I just purchased an airline ticket yesterday using my married name. It didn't occur to me at the time that my passport still has my maiden name. Is this going to be a problem when traveling?
  4. Hi all. I've read around on a few threads but I haven't found the answer I am looking for. Hopefully someone can help me out. I am filing taxes for the first time with my wife since our K1. We are filing MFJ. She is currently a Green Card holder and has a SSN. I do my own taxes every year using the TurboTax Free Edition. I have ran through the program twice and have not found any mention or reference to Immigrant status. I posted a question on their forums but I have not gotten a response. Does anyone here use TT for filing their taxes? Some of the forum threads on their website include references to selecting "nonresident alien" or "resident alien" so I suppose it must exist, but I have not personally seen the option. I would appreciate any information.
  5. I thought about bringing that up my self. I am a Nondestructive testing technician, and contracts and lay offs are just a way of life in my career field. It’s like that with most plant and offshore work.
  6. Thank you both for the information. I am still confused tho regarding the vaccinations because I am seeing conflicting information.... Is this pinned post in error? If so why is it allowed to remain pinned? Read the post if you have a moment. I would like to hear your response. " MMR (two are required but if you have "insufficient time interval" Code B in the last column, then you get a waiver) " It goes on to say, " NOTE: If you have shots missing and no waiver for them, stop here and see a Civil Surgeon."
  7. Hi all. I just received my letter a few days ago that our AOS interview has been scheduled for the 26th of September. It has sort of come at a bad time. I had gotten laid off for June, July & part of August. I got hired with an off shore company on the 26th, and I will be back with a paycheck on Sept. 20th. I will only have one pay stub from my new employer in the event that they ask me for an update on my work situation (I am only paid once a month with this job anyway). Will the fact that I just switched jobs be an issue? I do have a friend willing to co-sponsor but I am curious if it even necessary since I am now employed again. Secondly I have a question about the Vaccination requirements. I've read that the DS-3025 has to list 2 shots for MMR or include a "B" listed; indicating a waiver. When my wife went to St. Luke's, they told her that based on her vaccination history she only needed 1 MMR shot. Of course because of that fact there is no waiver indicated. Why is this then considered an issue sometimes? I have read that sometimes it is and sometimes is isn't. When I sent in the AOS packet back in May, I included the DS-3025 and I have not received a RFE. Would they have issued an RFE at that point if it was unacceptable or is an RFE only issued after the interview phase? Any information/advice would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you for the quick response. I have already lined up a co-sponsor prior to filing our AOS, so that wouldn't be an issue. In the event that a co-sponsor was required; would that come to me in the form of a RFE? or is that something that would need to be prepared in advance for an interview?
  9. Hello all. I just logged on VJ for the first time in a while to ask this same question for myself. I noticed this discussion here... I just got laid off, I am considering applying for unemployment benefits and I am eligible....but in my case I am the Sponsor and the sole provider for my household. I too am thinking that it wouldn't be an issue since it's something I have paid into, but none the less I am a little hesitant to do anything that would risk me and my wife being denied. Is there anyone here who has ever applied for unemployment benefits while having an I-485 pending? That would certainly lay my concerns to rest.
  10. They are asking me for a copy of her immigration document. Should I send the I-94 since it is the current controlling document? or is more required? Also Does the I-94 remain the controlling document while the AOS is pending or will that be an NOA for the AOS?
  11. Hi all. Me and my wife recently married and I want to add her to my employer insurance. We opted to receive a SSN in our AOS packet but we aren't able to mail it off until a later date, and by time we receive a response our window to add her in might be past. I think a recent marriage allows 30 days or so to make alterations to insurance? not too sure.....Anyways I am curious if there is a way to add her to my medical insurance prior to receiving a SSN? any information with be appreciated. Thank you..
  12. On second thought tho; since my residency is here. I dont think the location of our wedding ceremony is going to be an issue. Awesome! Thank you so much for that information!
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