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  1. Oh wow, so sorry this happened to you. Does anyone knows if you need to reside at local address for certain amount of time? I moved from PA to AL and remember reading somewhere minimum 3month local residency requirement. If that's the case, How do they count these 3months? Thanks.
  2. LIN officers started working I guess! I am early December applicant through LIN processing center. I am loving what i see! 10 year GC is on its way
  3. Great to see some update at LIN service center. My case was received on December 10th, awaiting update from LIN center still. by the way, what does " show fingerprints were taken" means? No need to get new biometrics?
  4. Thanks @Lucky Cat My bad, yes it actually extends 18months. My question is, Aruba (As Caribbean land of Netherlands) requires visa for certain countries. but if you prove that, even though you are citizen of one these countries (such as turkey), you are permenant resident in USA, then they don't ask you to acquire a visa. Question is, does Aruba officials know about I-797 and accept that as a proof of USA permenant residency when provided along with expired GC? And if anyone from this forum tried to enter Aruba with I-797 letter and expired GC? Note: I checked with Netherlands embassy, they sounded clueless about the extension letter 😅
  5. Hi VisaJourney Fam, I received 2 year green card through marriage. Applied for 10year GC, and recieved I-797 notice to extend my status for 1 year, until actual GC gets approved. I am planning to travel Aruba. It doesn't require visa if you can prove that you are a permenant resident in USA. Has anyone tried to travel to Aruba, or any other country requires you to be permenant US resident? And showed I-797 letter as a proof of residency?
  6. Hi @Jo123 Did you try to enter Aruba with expired GC and I-797 letter extension letter? I am planning to do the same. Please let me know if you had any trouble entering Aruba with that. Thanks!
  7. Hey Everyone, Seems like LIN(Nebraska Service Center) works slower than the speed of smell. Didn't see Biometrics update from spreadsheet for anybody whereas other service centers shipping out GCs 😞 Anyone recieved an update from LIN? Also can you travel abroad without your biometric letter. But only with expired green card and I-797 notice letter?
  8. Lockbox 12/10/2020 Check Cashed 01/21/2021 NOA dated 01/19/2021 NOA received 01/25/2021 New Assigned Service Center: Nebraska
  9. Congrats. Not sure how updated USCIS website is, https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ Based on above, Nebraska is 14-28months. They gave such a wide estimate range😔 By the time we get ROC approved, we will probably already applied citizenship at that point. Process moves speed of the smell!
  10. My check has not yet cashed yet. ROC package delivered by 12/10. Yet seems like December started moving. I am checking my bank account 10 times a day. Never wanted somebody to take my money this bad 🤣 Damn you USCIS.
  11. Hey EmCamp, I am on the same boat with you. Application delivered on December 10th, no word since then. And clock is ticking to Conditional GC expiration on early February. I found this thread, this might be helpful: November filers' checks are being cashed (Up until 11/29 filer). So I am hopeful we should see some December action happening soon. But I am planning to give a call to USCIS next week, and will try to schedule an InfoPass appointment to get I-551 stamp at my passport. I believe that will prove permanent residency for a year. With this stamp I am hoping to Renew driver's license (Every state is different, Pennsylvania accepts this stamp as proof of immigration status). You can check your state's policy. ==> PA DL fact sheet: https://www.dot.state.pa.us/public/dvspubsforms/bdl/bdl publications/pub 195nc.pdf Try to explain HR that I-551 stamp is good enough for keeping my job Even i am not %100 sure Note that when your GC expires, you will need to provide both Expired GC and the I-551 stamp. Following this thread to see if folks have any other suggestion, or information IF we won't get NOA before the Conditional GC expires.
  12. Hey Guys, our window opened on November 10th, gathering documents; double, triple checking everything took almost 3-4weeks. Finally sent I-751 package on December 7th via FedEx. Application has delivered on Dec 10th in Phoenix, AZ. Waiting for check being cashed.. Green card expires first week of Feb 202, so praying for a quick NOA
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