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  1. tyr044

    Forgot middle name

    Shall we just go to the interview as it stands and tell them the middle name was forgotten?
  2. tyr044

    Forgot middle name

    Hello everyone, Just filled out the ds-160 and made an interview appointment but just realized we skipped over the middle name as it was never asked for. Will this be a problem? What should we do, if anything to fix it? Thanks.
  3. tyr044

    Just received case number from nvc

    I called the nvc and they were able to give my case number over the phone. No letters received yet by them. From what i can tell, the only thing i was able to do as of now was fill out the ds-160. The medical and schedule interview you either need the physical letters or the information to be at the embassy. Completely forgot about the cfo seminar but that almost seems best to do after the Visa. Thank you for the info.
  4. Hello everyone, I just received the case number and invoice number from the nvc. I called so i don't yet have the letter they sent out. Just wondering what the next steps are and how to go about them. Making the appointments for medical and interview and all that. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, So it is getting close to our estimated time, end of November, when we will hear back. Just wondering when I should get started on getting all of the documents ready. Should I start now? After I hear something? Also will the beneficiary need to provide anything as well? Thank you.
  6. So I will need to send originals of the financial statements, the I-134 and the letter of intent? The package I send my fiancee can be copies of everything?
  7. Hello everyone, Just looking to see this process and want to get some clarification on things that need to be in there. I'm mostly confused about which things need to be the originals. From what it seems the letters of intent need and the birth certificate need to be the original? The photos are are digital so I will print out copies of those so that's no problem. I also assume that screenshots printed of the conversations, boarding passes, passport stamps and all that should be fine. With regards to things like hotels receipts, would screenshot from the booking site work or would they need a screenshot of the money pulled from my bank account? Thought if I recall it's billed under the booking website instead of the actual hotel. Those are my specific concerns but any other advice you have about the whole process would be much appreciated, thank you.