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    Here as of now on DACA. Married my loving husband 07/04/2017, filed for the I-130 and I-485 in April of 2018. Now it's a waiting game.

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  1. My Story: I came here Legally at age 4/5 on a tourist visa with my parents. We just over stayed the time we were given to stay. Fast forward to 2014, I graduated high school, started dating my now husband and went on DACA. Fast forward to 2018, I've renewed DACA about twice now, graduated college and have a steady job. I got married to my husband last year in 2017. A little info about my husband, he is a american citizen that is in the Army National Guard. Together we filed the I-130, I-485 and I-601 (recommended by someone, just in case) We sent in the paperwork together in April of 2018 and we are wondering what the process is from here on out. How long it took for others and if this is a relative simple process? Has anyone gone through something similar? What are some tips? We hope we filed the correct forms. Everyone's story is different and I respect that, I only want positive words and advice. Just trying to understand this process a little better. Thank you all.
  2. April 2018 as well. This is all so new to me, just a waiting and learning game from here on out for my husband and I. My husband is an american citizen and he filed for me. I've received the letters that the petitions were received and being processed. April 19th is the date I think and I'm not too sure what office they are at... Is that on the letter? I'll have to check that out. We filed the I-130 and I-485 together, checks were cashed right away.
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