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  1. Hi there! If you can go back to the photo center where they took a photo for your 2x2, please ask them to send you the soft copy of your 2x2 via email. There, it will be easy for you to upload all documents needed with your 2x2 visa photo.
  2. Hi! I am from the Philippines. Did they gave you a 221g paper? was your passport returned?
  3. Hi! The best option to answer in that area is I intend to make specific contributions of support (name them) to (name of the person) by saying you intend to means that the govt will not be responsible for her needs and it totally matters because the consul would look at this part.
  4. Hello there. Yes, if your fiance has dependents that is reflected in his 1040 and tax
  5. Hi! You can reapply for k1 again or do Cr1. Hello. is this Cr1 or K1?
  6. Hello! my flight is this june 2019. What is your experience in your port of entry at San Francisco Int'l Airport?
  7. hello. We paid 6,489 for 4 days 3 nights. since 4 kami, we divided it by 4. each of us paid 1,622.25
  8. You are approved. Before the visa will be issued, it will go through an Administrative processing. It may take days or weeks but that is how the visa is been processed. You cannot expedite it. You just have to wait and check it everyday.
  9. Hello, There are a lot. you can have Bayview and Red Planet. Booking a condo using Airbnb is the best. Grand Reviera and Pearl of the Orient tower were mostly booked by applicant because it is near the footbridge where you will pass thru going to US Embassy like what we did.
  10. Hello! Interview last May 9, 6:45 am at US Embassy Philippines -- Approved May 10 - Visa Issued. Thank you everyone. I'm a silent reader here
  11. Hello, click "Yes" and describe your in person meeting.attached evidences to demonstrate the physical presence during the required two year period. If it's too long, attached a supplement page
  12. Sept filer - Sept 7 noa1 Jan 28 - Noa2 Case number from Nvc- Feb 28. Case in transit to the embassy - March 6 Case Ready w/ Nvc letter - March 7 God is good! Thank you Lord! I didn't call or anything. We just called Nvc for our case number and it surprisingly amazes us that after 6 days, it was in transit then the next day, it's case ready with Nvc letter. You will be approve and you will get your Case number from Nvc soon.:)
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