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  1. Until stumble upon this topic, I feel for you, as well remind me about myself, (if without your mentioned dates, I would assume it was posted from my ex-wife:)) To answer your Question Directly: Yes, you do have more options! Reunited again! If you believe and confident this marriage is for love! Maybe you should dig the roots and try to find out if he is genuine in marriage. We are all adults, I don't know much of your story, neither I believe you would marry someone from China easily, especially if you are native born and raised. Because no one will marry a stranger, right? I hope soon he realize what he is doing, and you two can get back together again. I think the whole point to be married is to make a commitment guard by life, from the beginning to the day die. Forgive and reunion. If not, you two are inevitable to be separated, I wish you can have a smooth divorce. If all doesn't work out, move to somewhere safe and obtain divorce, depending on state you are in, hire a lawyer, ask lawyer do it in the meditation style so you don't have to see him again, when both mutual satisfied, proceed to court, your marriage will be ended in no time. I could be wrong, but like I said depending on state you are in, at least this is what I experienced. If you will, you can continue reading on my story that happened few years ago. I'm originally from China, few years ago came on F-1 visa until I met my ex-wife on campus, later became a permanent resident. At time we were married purely by love, or maybe we were too young to naive. Not long after I got my green card, my ex-wife started cheating on me rampantly, threaten to throw me out of country. Because she met her classmate from high school and suddenly changed her mind. I still freshly remember after all these, I still forgave her. The last day I seen her at our house, she gave me a hug and never returned. A day later I through she might spent few nights at her dad's house. At time, it was our wedding anniversary. I brought her an brand new Audi A4 she always wants, to surprise her. But just after a day I brought the Audi, in the morning someone was knocking on the door, I thought it was her! About to surprise her! But after opened the door, I found a deputy sheriff at my door with divorce petition accusing me being violent, lied about marriage, e.t.c, all false accuse! With conditions to awards her all my properties. Alone with an restraining order that banished me from my own house! Gladly, I found a good lawyer, fought restraining order in court. When she realized her false accuse had no chance of winning what she wants, we both signed dissolution of marriage. Afterward, I worked and lived in a remnant of lament, to a point sorrow pushed me to leave. So I left US before my green card expired, never returned since then. During this time, sometimes I wonder if divorce and married with another man made her eventually happy? I may never get an enclosure of her abruptly arbitrary to her vow of marriage, to my loyalty, to life we shared together. I agree she need to be safe. But I don't understand why everyone on this topic without more further information but straight suggesting end up their marriage? In a failing marriage, Are men in marriage default to be deemed as perpetrators, while women are victims? Or is he a Chinese immigrant? Double negative will not make a positive! Cheers!
  2. Thank you. Do I have to return my expired green card first and apply for visa?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. Here is my story, back in Apr 2007, I was married with a USC and applied received a conditional green card in Jan 2008. However because our relationship was spoiled, we divorced in May 2008 and I immediate filed I-751 waiver. I waited a little longer and finally decided to leave U.S on Dec 2009. In Jan 2010, my former lawyer called , told I received request for evidence. But at time I've already back to my home country and didn't intend to come back to U.S, nor can I do anything while abroad, so never heard that case since then. Time past by, it has been many years, my green card had surely expired, and for all thees years I didn't return green card to U.S embassy. Now my friend is having a wedding in Los Angeles, I would like to attend, yet confused with my status if it is applicable to apply for a visa?
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