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  1. Interview Cancelled! Yesterday, Feb 6th my interview was cancelled but I did not received any cancellation notice from the mail. The security officers allowed us to go inside and was able to sign in by the window capturing my finger prints and photo. However on Feb 3rd my case tracker alert me of a new update and indeed stated a notification for Cancelled Interview. On jan 30th, a uscis admin assistant emailed me about the cancellation. My husband decided that we still proceed and drive over the field office. I'm hoping that the IO will proceed with the interview. Unfortunately, the officer confirm that it was cancelled and apologized for us driving over. I am hoping that my interview date will rescheduled soon.
  2. You can do an online inquiry at the Department of State website HERE-https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/advisory-opinions.html. If you have other concern, I strongly suggest that email the advisory opinion or Waiver Advisory Opinion on your case. They have all the records and surely knows everything about the status of your case. Goodluck!
  3. Hi! I did my medical (I-693 form) last Dec. 16th and completed by the civil doctor on Dec. 20th. My interview was scheduled on Feb. 06, 2020. So it's like a month.
  4. Yes it is such a rocky, complicated BUT amazing journey for all of us😊
  5. Thank you! This is the best gift ever for the coming year🙏🙏. So grateful for all the wisdoms gathered from this warm community of wonderful VJ members. Thank you so much.
  6. Its a very interesting journey right? Yes I am so thankful for all those members who tirelessly shares whats really important to this community. Congratulations! Im so happy for you😊
  7. Today December 27, 2019 I received my EAD card😊🙏🙏.Thank you everyone for being a very important part of my journey. Without all the members that shares their experiences, struggles, mistakes, hardships, ups and down, problems and everything each of you faced during the immigration application, my journey would not adjudicated in a timely manner. Me and my husband struggles financially, and I don't have the resources to pay for the lawyer to get this done. Being on the dark was really an excruciating fact for all of us! To get everything done successfully, I read, learn, research, read again some more topics here at VJ then update myself with whats new at USCIS page. AND THATS IT! Please save your $$$$thousands, its not that hard....just follow all the instructions and everythings going to be okay. 👍
  8. No, I-693 will come from your own pocket. The list of civil doctor is located at their website HERE: https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor. The doctor will fill out everything on that form. You can bring ALL previous doctors visit and/or your vaccine records. The cis doctor will then analyze your records and will tell you which vaccines and blood test you need.
  9. Today, December 23rd 2019, I received my interview schedule by mail. It will be on February 6, 2020! Grateful for this holiday blessings. My EAD will also arrive soon (hopefully this week). Happy Holidays everyone! Stay positive, August filers mostly getting their interview schedule now and some already got their EAD cards. If you think that your wait time is outside the normal processing, don't hesitate to call the hotline.
  10. Today December 18, 2019, I received two notifications: 1. 9:15 am INTERVIEW WAS SCHEDULED 2. 3:15 pm NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED (EAD) This is the best Christmas gift I been waiting for. Now, I can sleep well at night and just wait for my interview schedule by mail. Have a Happy Christmas everyone!
  11. I know its frustrating right? Just hang on there, work on your RFE. As soon as they received your response they will work on your case.
  12. Finally after 38 days of waiting since my case was updated to ready to schedule for interview, I just received this today "On December 18, 2019 we scheduled an interview for your form I-485". So glad and finally now could prepare my documents to bring for the interview. Hopefully, all of theJuly and August filers will soon scheduled for an interview or got your schedule date by now. Just hang on guys, we're almost done😊.
  13. Hi August filers! Anyone from Florida here for interview at Jacksonville? I was notified last November 7th that my case was ready to schedule for interview. I haven't received any schedule yet up to now. Also my EAD shows no updates, the last one is Fingerprint review was completed. Im seeing some August filers with EAD coming and received. I'm having a holiday stress now.
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