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  1. Can you cite your source for that line in red? Leaving the US for less than 6 months per year means you would be spending a majority of your time in the US, not just brief visits to the US. The paperwork we got with the GC actually says you can't leave the US for longer than 12 months at a time, or you risk losing the GC. It doesn't even mention the 6 month rule at all...
  2. So here is what I’ve found on the internet regarding international travel after GC: 1. You can travel outside the US for up to 6 months on a single trip without problems. 2. There’s no limit on how many times you can leave the US every year as long as it’s less than 6 months total per year. Is this correct?
  3. Stay 9+ months in the US, then stay 9 months in her home country, then come back to US for another 9+ months and repeat. That would be our ideal situation, if it was possible. We would still be spending a majority of our time in the US like that, but it means we would pay 50% less on flights every year and not waste as much time flying back and forth for 30 hours per trip.
  4. I'm an American citizen and my wife is Indonesian, but she also has U.S. legal permanent residency (green card already). We would like to travel to Europe together for tourism, but Indonesians need a Schengen visa to visit Europe. Has anyone here gone through the process of getting a Schengen tourist visa for their spouse? Any advice for us? Thanks
  5. I'm an American citizen, and my wife is Indonesian, but she has U.S. legal permanent residency (green card already). We would like to travel to Mexico together for vacation. Normally, Indonesians need a visa to visit Mexico, but I heard there's an exception for people who have a U.S. visa, even if they're not American citizens. Has anyone heard of this, or done something similar?
  6. My spouse and I are extensive travelers and we’re struggling with the requirement to not leave the US for more than 5-6 months at a time or risk losing her permanent resident status. Flights to her home country are very long and expensive (30+ hours of flight time) so it's going to be very tedious and pricey to fly back and forth repeatedly, and we would also like to spend some time traveling in neighboring countries in Asia without having to worry about the clock ticking on her U.S. green card. Does anyone have experience with getting a U.S. re-entry permit to stay longer outside of the country? Ideally I think we’d stay out of the US for up to 9 months at a time, but still would like to keep the US as our permanent residence since that is genuinely what it is.
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