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  1. Congrats!! We submitted our waiver on May 4, 2018. So we’re only 4 months in. I was just curious if anyone has ever received so many receipts letters for an expedite. Our lawyer has no idea why we’re getting the same letter, but thinks it’s probably still in review.
  2. I wanted to see if anyone can share their experience. My husband is in Mexico. We’re waiting for the I-601. On 8/23 we submitted an expedite request. (High risk pregnancy and loss of all income) 8/24 submitted evidence. 8/27 received a letter stating expedite was received. 9/13 letter stating request transferred to appropriate dept for review. 9/18 another letter stating expedite received. 9/24 letter #3 stating expedite received. Why fo they keep sending us the same letter? we assumed it was denied when we didn’t hear back within 15 business days. No online updates and no emailed whatsoever.
  3. Thank you. Yes I am a US citizen and my husband is in Mexico. I am planning to contact ohr congresswoman for help. Best of luck to you too. Hope you get approved! How long has it been?
  4. Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has any experience to share regarding an expedite request for I-601 I recently found out I’m pregnany, and I have a doctors letter stating that it’s a high risk pregnancy. I’m also being laid off of my job in September. And I have a letter from HR confirming that. I submitted an expedite request on Friday July 27. On Monday July 30, I got an email stating: we are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time. Does anyone have anything to share regarding this email? Does it mean it’s actually being reviewed or is likely a denial? how long do they usually take to respond? also, has anyone had any luck getting a case expedited due to a high risk pregnancy? thank you
  5. I submitted an expedite request for my husband’s case. Today I got this email: We are still reviewing your case. There are no updates at this time. Does this just mean they received it?
  6. Helll everyone. Just saw on Facebook that July 6, 2017 was approved. No RFE and no expedite.
  7. Hey! Just saw a 6/15/17 approval on 6/25/18 on Facebook. 12 months!
  8. Hey! I’ve seen a couple of June approvals. But mostly May right now.
  9. That’s awesome! I saw May 9th on fb. But happy to hear you’ve seen end of May!
  10. Yes, early May 2017 is being approved on Facebook!
  11. There are so many new laws coming out regarding immigration, it makes me worried that at some point all inadmissible people are going to be inadmissible. No more waivers. Anyone else worried about something like that happening?
  12. Is anyone else worried about law changes preventing our loved ones from coming home?
  13. Oh I’m so sorry. You might be able to get an expedite because of your kids’ problems. Use that. I’m planning to go to be with my husband because I don’t want him missing out on our 1 year old’s second year. Indeed, God’s blessings to all of us in these difficult situations. Hope they speed things up soon
  14. Same thing happened to my husband. 4/16 appt denied for misrepresentation. We just sent in our I601 waiver yesterday. Unfortunately the current process is taking about 14 months or so. You can request to expedite, but it requires a life or death reason. So think about that. Just advise for all of you who are waiting for appts, remember everything you’ve ever said each time you entered the US. My husband was denied because he forgot what he said 12 years ago when he came to visit on a visa and they charged him with misrepresentation. Now we have to be apart for 1.5 year. Good luck to all
  15. I understand that the I 601A is no longer valid, but I was just curious if I have a good chance of the I601 to be approved since the precious one was. What avout the expedite? Is there a lot of success with that? would contacting a congressman or senator help?