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  1. I never received my NOA 2 approval letter in the mail. I have been approved since September 12. My finance has here interview on November 16. I read you do not need it for the interview but you will need it for the AOS stage. Should I contact USCIS to mail it to me again or should I wait to after the interview in my finance has her visa? I will be moving also on November 16 same city just new house.
  2. We just got our NVC number. Can we book the medical now for Peru medical exam?
  3. If I the petitioner fill out the DS-160 form for my finance completely it will save the form and then all she would need to do is submit it from her computer for the electronic signature correct?
  4. Can you tell me who fills out the ds-160 once we get the NVC case number? Practitioner or Beneficiary? Thanks
  5. I received an email that my NOA2 has been approved on September 14 but I have not received the hard copy yet by mail. How long does it usually take to get the hard copy?
  6. Hello Everyone. I received an email on Friday at 6pm that my case is approved. I see that you have to wait 10 days before calling NVC is that 10 days from the approval date? Also what should I be doing now? Anyone has any new information dealing with the Peru Embassy. What's the usual time line from NVC to Embassy. Thanks in advance for your help
  7. Just an update for everyone still waiting. I received my approval today. My mailed my RFE was received by USCIS on 08-29-18 and I received my approval yesterday evening at 6 PM central time zone by text then email. I checked the site and it was approved on 09-12-18 so it took the system two days to notify us that it was approved. Everyone hang in there your approval is coming soon! BTW Those any one have the link to the NVC group? Thanks in advance
  8. I pray it's not more then two to three weeks waiting on the RFE response. I hope we all get our approvals soon!
  9. You have been awesome. Thank you always for your help @Greenbaum
  10. I got an RFE today. Ir was dated 08-17-18 but I have not been to the mail box all week. They only need a letter from my finance stating she will marry me within 90 days of coming to the united states. I know I sent one the first time but I did not make a copy. I will send another one. Also I missed the criminal intent page which is easy I have already checked no criminal record and signed it and dated it. This makes me feel good at least I know my case is being worked on and I am almost finished with this step! 01-26-18 Noa1 and RFE 08-17-18. BTW website still say case received. No email or text. only mail notification.
  11. Congratulations to all that has been approved and all that's still waiting like we are our praying that we are blessed with approvals this week. Wishing every one happiness!
  12. The same thing. I have not heard one thing or had any emails from USCIS. When I call they tell me the same thing that I should hear something by 8-31-18.
  13. 201 Days ( Jan 26 old site) praying that we all get our approvals soon!! I called today and the same thing still processing within normal times. I work for the state government I thought it would be a little faster because the state does background checks. so that should not be a problem. I have faith that we all will get our approvals really soon.
  14. I Pray soon we will hear something. I hear the Peru embassy is really nice.