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  1. Hey Guys my Visa was approved yesterday . Sharing my experience might help others get an insight about the interview process. My CR1 Interview was scheduled for 7.30 a.m. I reached the embassy at around 6.40 a.m. and was shocked to see such a huge crowd waiting across the street of the Mumbai US Embassy on the footpath. I went to the guard and inquired when would they start letting people inside, he politely replied “once all the officers are in we will start calling out the interview slot timings and then you can come and form the line in the mean while you have to wait across the street with other”. I could see some nervous faces in the crowd along with some people who were probably overdressed for the occasion but it’s their choice I guess 😊 you decide what’s comfortable for you. As scheduled the guard started calling out people at 7.05 a.m. only for immigrant Visa starting with first batch of 7.15. As expected everyone rushed to form a line. Then an embassy employee came in asking for documents turns out people with 7.30 and later batches were already standing in the queue so they were asked to go back and wait across the street and come back once their slot is called out (Note for elderly there is no sitting arrangement outside the embassy people have to sit on the footpath in the open). In the Queue you should have your: 1. Passport 2. Interview letter 3. DS-260 (Stamped and photos attached during your biometrics). So, keep them Handy. Once all these documents are verified then you go through gate no.1 right at the entrance. Now comes the security check – you have to put everything with you as well as on you in a tray for scanning it. Hand bags, purses, backpacks are not allowed along with any kind of electronics is strictly prohibited (DO NOT CARRY THE MEDICAL CD WITH YOU). There is no official arrangement for keeping your stuff so make arrangements in advance. You will find people like Taxi drivers asking if you need any lockers but it’s nothing official so you be the judge if you want to leave your precious things with a complete stranger. Once the Security check is done you walk through the last door in the room and beyond that you see the waiting area 1 which is in the open but there is shade and proper sitting arrangement. You walk right across to the other end where there is an entry gate inside which you will be in waiting area 2, this is the actual place where all the interviews take place. Once you are in that waiting area there would be embassy employees who would help you arrange all the actual required documents that you need to keep ready (take out the originals if you have kept them in a plastic folder also if you have any language preference other than English they will ask you to be in a separate line): 1. Passport 2. DS-260 (Stamped and photos attached during your biometrics, reminding again as there were people who did not do their biometrics and had to go back and apply for a later date) 3. Interview Letter 4. Birth Certificate + 1 copy 5. Marriage certificate + 1 copy 6. PCC + 1 copy 7. Sealed medical envelope (please do not carry the medical CD with you to the embassy they would not allow it past the security check) Now you get a token number and wait until you see your number flashing on the screen in front of you mentioning the counter number where you need to go. There you would be greeted by an Indian officer who will ask you to handover all the documents you have arranged in the step above. Then he will go back to grab your case file which has all the documents that you had sent to the NVC and USCIS at earlier stages. He will go through all the documents again and return some of the documents back to you (mostly petitioner financial documents). Be alert and ready to answer few random question from the officer: 1. Who is calling you? 2. Where is she/he now? 3. How long are you married? 4. Is this your first marriage? Then he will arrange all the documents properly and hand over your originals back to you. At this stage you can put them back safely in your folder as you won’t need them anymore. You get the token number and now the most antagonizing wait starts for your token to be flashed again for your interview with the CO. This wait can be really unpredictable. While I was waiting I saw one lady who’s interview was going on for over 30 mins while on the other hand there were some who finished their interviews in barely 15 mins (In my mind I was hoping to be part of the later group 😜 ). Finally, my number flashed on the screen and I walked to the CO. He told me to swear an oath that all the answers would be truthful and no lies. Then he started reading something on the computer screen and asking me question at the same time: 1. Who is calling you? 2. What does she do? 3. When did you meet her, was it a love marriage or an arrange marriage? 4. What qualities do you like about her? 5. Where does she stay? 6. Does she stay alone, how many household members including you? 7. What is her Father’s name? 8. When did you get married, did you have a big ceremony, how many guests were invited? 9. What do you do, would you be able to get a job in America, is your current company willing to transfer you there? At every given point I wanted to present the CO with actual proof to back my answer I was really over-prepared with all the documents I would need, luckily I did not even have to pull out any document from my folder. The whole interview finished in less than 15 mins (guess my wish did come true). Then the CO mentioned “After your visit of US if any one troubles you!! You have all rights to complain to the police.” Then I hear the magical words which everyone of us would really want to hear ‘I’m approving your Visa” and he handed me a white slip along with the steps to pay the GC fees online. My experience was really smooth throughout the interview, hope yours is the same and my (small 😜) portrayal of my experience helps others who are away from their loved ones until they get their Visa. All the best to everyone.💐💐
  2. Can you please add me to the Indian group too?
  3. We just received our NOA2 last week.. so was wondering if I can start the process of getting PCC just based on NOA2 Is there a possibility? Also based on my research found that there are 2 ways of getting PCC if you are in Mumbai,India 1. Getting an appointment at the passport office and doing the process 2. There is an online option too from the Maharashtra police website ( https://pcs.mahaonline.gov.in ) Can anyone suggest which is the right option to get a Police clearance. Also I believe Mumbai embassy require you to carry an original PCC with you at the time of interview so how do we submit it for the NVC stage.. Sorry for so many questions but this is really confusing and would really appreciate if someone has experience in this.
  4. Thank you... my spouse is an US citizen.
  5. Thanks a ton.. looks like this is the month for November filers... hope all of you get good news pretty soon.. This was the old website we used to check the status : https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do This is the new website which is more up to date : https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
  6. Good news guys we got approved today. PD 9-Nov , TSC. Got an email notification and confirmed it on the new website...
  7. Ohh, we are still waiting for NOA2 . It's a long and agonizing wait
  8. Hi Everyone PD Nov 10th 2017, TSC Checking in...