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  1. Waiting is over... Any advise on interview house? 🙏 🙏 🙏
  2. Yes! keeps getting notifications. Its ok, thank you. Just waiting for interview
  3. Hello House, Since yesterday my case keep updating every 25-30mns. Yet is still showing, "READY TO BE SCHEDULED FOR AN INTERVIEW" Does anyone experience this? Or did your case did that before updating to SCHEDULED?
  4. Hi, please what's your timeline? And Norfolk is your place of interview?
  5. New card being produced. Requested to expedite on 27th June, and today I'm approved for a new card
  6. You must have a reason and be willing to prove it Financial hardship
  7. Ok, so my card was produced today after i requested for expedite application on 27th June, 2019. GC can take forever I don't care!
  8. I called them and they responded in 2days with fax. I did fax and they updated the case to complete
  9. Wow.... You what's your timeline please? Did you get status update?
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