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  1. Got my interview today! The officer said the visa was approved, very exciting news after a long long wait. Now checking the CEAC visa status like a maniac
  2. I would probably ask this when you have your interview, hopefully they will be able to give you more detail information on this
  3. Congratulations! Finally!!! I have my interview on Tuesday, I'm so nervous!
  4. Don't worry, that's probably just fine. That's the same process that I had to go through. Everything looks fine! Good luck at the interview!
  5. The first one! that's the one I picked
  6. Today is a national holiday, that might be why they are not taking calls
  7. wow that is a long wait! I hope you get your visa and passport back soon!
  8. It truly depends on your embassy. For me it took 1 month to get interview date, others just a few days, others two months...
  9. It took around 1 week for the documents to be accepted. Then interview scheduling really varies a lot, depending on your embassy. For me it took one month. Good luck!
  10. Hi guys, Does anyone know if we have to make the visa payment (165$) before going to the interview at the embassy? and if yes, where do is the payment made? I'm getting very confronting information so I thought I would ask the experts here 🙂
  11. wow so fast to get your appointment!! Congrats! I also have the same interview date, in Madrid
  12. I just got my interview date!!! PD: April 16th, 2018 CC: Nov 21st, 2018 Email with Interview Date: Dec 20th, 2018 Interview: Jan 29th, 2019 Madrid Embassy (Spain)
  13. Yes that is normal, mine didn't change with CC either. It changes when they send the case to embassy for interview apparently
  14. These are two very different versions It might mean no interview until February then?