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  1. My wife went here. She was told that to reschedule the interview as the results can take up two weeks to deliver. I don't remember how long it took exactly, but it came around 10 days or so. I would reschedule the interview just to be safe.
  2. Does anyone know if the interviewer can speak Japanese? I know I am not allowed to enter or wait with my wife at the Embassy. I just want to know if it is possible to have a Japanese interpreter during the interview. It would release a lot of stress on wife since she doesn't speak English.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I see. I will follow their instructions if they ask. I hope everything will go smoothly.
  4. My spouse has an interview coming up soon at the US embassy. I was printing out the documents and I just noticed that I misspelled one of my in-law's first name on the translation and on the DS-260 form. This is a honest mistake. How can I fix this? Can I write a letter explaining the error and have my spouse to take to the interview to correct things? Will this error hold us back or cause any delay?
  5. I need some advice if anyone can help. I am looking over the documents before the interview and I just realized that I mistranslated the first name of my mother in law... I made the same typo on the DS-260... Does anyone have any advice if this can be fixed without any issues if we were to resubmit the correction translation and inform them to correct the DS-260 on the interview day?
  6. I received the interview date, finally. My wife will go in for the interview on November 4th. I thought the interview would be much later in November. I didn't think it would be so soon... I don't know if we will get the medical results in time before the interview. Does anyone know if you can send the medical results at a later date after the interview? Also, did anyone get an interpreter for their interview? My wife doesn't speak English.
  7. Let me know if you receive a date for your interview since we're both waiting roughly at the same time.
  8. Yeah, you're probably right. Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Yes, I did receive the "Documentarily Qualified" email from the NVC on 9/20. I am expecting the interview will be held in November or possible December, but I haven't heard anything since 9/20...
  10. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the interview date? My documents were approved three weeks ago, and I haven't heard anything from the National Visa Center about the interview date. I am a little concerned that it shouldn't take this long to schedule one...
  11. Yes, you will need the originals to bring with you. It is also stated in the instructions on the CEAC's website.
  12. I received an email from the National Visa Center last week stating that my wife's immigration visa application and documents are in order to proceed to the next step. I am currently waiting to hear back from about the interview date. I am just wondering what package you are referring to in your post. Should I be expecting something by postal mail? I understand that I am supposed to bring the original documents that we had to submit online. If I am missing anything, any advice would be grateful. Thanks!
  13. I am trying to upload my documents onto the CEAC website, and I understand that I have keep the file size under 2MBs. I tried to combined all my 1040 forms from 2016 to 2018 into one PDF, but the file size is 6MB. Does anyone know if it is okay to upload each separately? I have a total of 30 pages. Any advice will be appreciated.
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