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  1. mkimimi

    Visiting the US while I-130 is processing from Canada

    Thank you. Good idea!
  2. mkimimi

    Visiting the US while I-130 is processing from Canada

    Thank you for your reply. So I do not require additional paperwork? I am used to being able to travel for weekends to the US, and am unfamiliar with the hurdles the i-130 brings. I did see that I should bring my lease agreement, etc to show ties to Canada if requested.
  3. Hi Everyone! My I-130 is in processing, and I was invited to a wedding in the US. Am I able to fly over for the weekend for the wedding while my I-130 is in processing? And if so, is there a form or something that I need to fill out as a visitor from Canada? Also, my US husband and I are currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will be attending together. Thank you for your help!
  4. Ouch that is quite a difference. Thank you I will reconsider the options.
  5. Thank you for clarification, I wasn't sure if this option was available in canada. Seems to be the easiest for me. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate you bringing some of the cons to my attention. My fiance is American/Canadian dual citizen living in Canada, and being sent to the US to open up a new office for work. If we were to do the CR-1 the processing time may be 12-15 months (from my research) and we would like to make the move within a shorter time period which the K-1 visa which seems to allow for in 6-7 months.
  7. Thank you! I think this is what I will do.
  8. Hi all! I have been reading this forum as a resource while filling out our I-129F. I am stumped as to how to pay the $535 fee while residing in Canada? The form points to the Consulate website, whos number I have called and cannot reach a live person. Thank you for your help!