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  1. They just lost ours and it sounds like we will be going through this process soon enough... We are F#$@$ heartbroken. The USPS messed up twice and they are a complete disaster and sorry excuse for an organization. We live in an apartment building and THEY LET A COMPLETE STRANGER SIGN FOR MY WIFE'S GREEN CARD! How F'd up is that?! We cannot believe it.
  2. What a complete disgrace the USPS is. First, USCIS took past the 120 days to deliver my wife's card, probably around 150. Since the USCIS website is almost completely useless we waited with little to no replies to my emails. Writing the Ombudsman helps. Second, USCIS or USPS didn't record our address correctly as they missed our apartment number, so when her card was sent, it was ultimately SENT BACK as undeliverable. Made another request to have it resent with USCIS and the Ombudsman. Sent it only to deliver it the WRONG ADDRESS and have it signed by a COMPLETE STRANGER! Are they serious?! We are without words. My question is, if anyone is out there, what do we do now? Do we have to get her biometrics again? Do I have to pay the fee again? Can the USPS pay it!? This is a disgrace. Greencards should be sent by UPS or FEDEX, a private business with actual accountability. USPS is a disgrace.
  3. Hello VisaJourney community, I don't understand what to do with the I 864 process. I did the I-864 for myself and my mother who is the co-sponsor and also for my father who is her household member. I wanted to upload my scans on to the CEAC website, but I can only do one file (or, in essence, my first page). There seems to be no other way to add separate pages to the upload... This would still be a problem if I did it with my computer as well because I would have to hand sign the last page, then scan it, then upload it to the website. Is it possible to just mail all of my evidence? Does someone have any advice on how they submitted their I-864's and I 864a? Thank you in advance, J&J
  4. kalikala May you please advise what thread this was or what the answer is. Thank you. The question was "should file back taxes or submit a letter saying I did not make enough to report any income?" I read on another thread that it is necessary to file taxes every year even if you did not make enough taxable income or even if your income was from abroad. It was also advised to me, in another thread where I may have asked a similar question, to file back taxes. I filed them almost one month ago, and hopefully I will receive some sort of IRS evidence of them soon. Thank you for all your help VJ'ers
  5. Please disregard my first question, it was answered in a previous thread. Thank you
  6. Hello VS community, Thank you all for your help so far. This is a great site with a great amount of information. I am having trouble with the evidence I 864 form because my mother will be the primary financial sponsor for my wife as I have not lived/worked in the us for the last 2.5 years. I have a few questions... 1) I was traveling abroad for 2 years and gained temporary employment off and on. My income from the other countries was minimal, and most of the money was spent for travel purposes, so I didn't file taxes for 2016 and 2017. Is it a better idea to attach a letter saying I didn't qualify to report my taxes or just to file back taxes? Has anyone had a similar situation to this that can explain to me how they filed? It will be very hard to recover the tax information from the other countries as I am not living there anymore, not even completely sure I can. 2) Since my mother is the main financial sponsor, and lives with my father (he needs and I 864 I understand), but how many pages of my mothers 2017 Tax Return need to be copied? Is it just the first page? If her Tax return is well over the threshold how much more information does she need besides her tax return does she need to include? The USCIS website is not really specific as to what is needed.... "A copy of your individual Federal income tax return, including W-2s for the most recent tax year, or a statement and/or evidence describing why you were not required to file. Also include a copy of each and every Form 1099, Schedule, and any other evidence of reported income. You may submit this information for the most recent three tax years, pay stubs from the most recent six months, and/or a letter from your employer if you believe any of these items will help you qualify. " to include the 1099, schedule, ect...Is this directed more to the people who are closer to the threshold or to everyone? It seems redundant if they already have the Tax return... 3) As of I now I am working again in the USA, even though my income will not really be looked at, should I submit evidence that I am working or of my finances? i.e paystubs and bank statements 4) We will not be using my wife's foreign income or assets as part of our finances, but does she need to fill out an I 864A form as well? Im sure I have more questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated J&J
  7. But what about part 5? I don't understand this part either... Any help would be greatly appreciated:) J
  8. Recently I tried to download the I864 form again to correct some mistakes I made. The downloadable form from USCIS already has a "1" for "yourself" and "1" for "Household" size. What is up with this? I prefer to fill the form by hand because my ss number never formats correctly in the computer fill method. All I need is a completely empty I 864 form so I can fill out properly for my mother who will co-sponsor in which her "Household Size" will be 2. Anybody have a link to an empty I 864 form? Thank you
  9. Hello everyone:) I am the petitioner and I met my wife in New Zealand (she is from France). Our I 130 was approved recently and I am now working on the I 864 form. I left USA in early 2016 to work and travel Australia for one year, then I did the same in 2017 to New Zealand where I met my wife. I have not worked in the USA since 2015 and have no tax records for 2016 and 2017, should I submit proof of my travels with the form to say I wasn't earning taxable income in the USA or just attach my 2015 text return as that is my latest? My mother is co sponsor of my wife and she will submit her tax returns on a separate I 864 form. Your help would be greatly appreciated. J&J
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