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  1. So sorry! I endlessly searched for the answer and I believe I found the answer on the i-693 instruction document. It says the following: "What if I am a K nonimmigrant visa holder and already had a medical examination overseas? If you were admitted as a: A. K-1 fiancé(e) or a K-2 child of a K-1 fiancé(e); or B. K-3 spouse of a U.S. citizen or a K-4 child of a K-3 spouse of a U.S. citizen; and C. You received a medical examination prior to admission, then: (1) You are not required to have another medical examination as long as you file your Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination; and (a) The panel physician did not find a class A medical condition during your overseas examination; or (b) The panel physician did find a class A medical condition, you received a waiver of inadmissibility, and you have complied with the terms and conditions of the waiver. (2) Even if a new medical examination is not required, you must still show proof that you complied with the vaccination requirements. If the vaccination record (DS 3025) was not properly completed and included as part of the original overseas medical examination report, you will have to have the Part 9. Vaccination Record completed by a designated civil surgeon. In this case, you must submit Parts 1., 2., 3., 4., 6., and 9. of Form I-693." So I went through my medical and the vaccination part is checked as complete. Long story short, I won't be getting another medical done. I'll keep you posted for what happens after the 24th!
  2. Thank you for the promt reply! So I got my medical done in Jan 2017. Came to USA in May 2017. Filed my AOS in July 2017, and filed a RFE in September 2017. Everything was completely silent from USCIS until I got my letter for an interview the end of March. So technically, my medical was filed while still valid. However, now it's been over 1 year since I go the medical done. I just want to make sure I go withe all the necessary documents and not waste time in getting my green card. But I also don't want to spend $500 on a medical I don't need.
  3. Hi there, My wife petitioned for ny K1 visa from Sri Lanka and I submitted my medical exam in Sri Lanka to the embassy. This was in Jan 2017. We are living in USA now and married. My interview date is on the 24th. Do I need to do another medical? From what I understood from what I read online, I don't need to? Please help!